Friday, April 8, 2011


by Lisa Gerrard & Megan Smith,

two more of Kelly Flynn's best friends---

from Maggie Sefton's SKEIN OF THE CRIME

Lisa: Hey, there, everybody----Kelly is in Denver with her BIG Denver developer client, so she asked Megan and me to post for her today. So, I'll start----let's see. . .I'm a physical therapist and work over at the Sports Clininc here in Fort Connor, but I'm also taking grad courses in psychology at the state university, which is also in town. I grew up here in Fort Connor, and I love it, love it. My boyfriend, Greg, and I usually spend every weekend we can outside biking or hiking or----

Megan: Or, playing ball, don't forget the season is starting. In fact, we've got a practice tomorrow night. So don't forget to put that on your daytimer. You're the pitcher, and we need you. In case any of you guys live under a rock, Baseball Season has already started.

Lisa: Yeah, yeah. . .this is Megan, everybody, so I'll let her introduce herself.

Megan: Hey, guys, I'm Megan, and I'm a refugee from corporate IT. Could NOT take all those meetings. I worked for them long enough to learn a LOT, so I've developed quite a healthy consulting business on my own. Plus, I LOVE my schedule. I have time to work, time to escape to the knitting shop, Lambspun, and catch up with friends Kelly, Jennifer, and Mother Mimi---

Lisa: And time to shop for a wedding gown. . .or, have you forgotten you're getting married this Fall?

Megan: Yeah, yeah. . .I remember, I just haven't found time to go shopping.

Lisa: I swear, Kelly's right. You're gonna get married in your softball jersey and cleats.

Megan: I've been WAY too busy getting everything else organized. Shopping for dresses. . .that is just SO not my thing. Especially wedding gowns. Too much frou frou. Gauze, lace, beads---

Lisa: Don't forget the ruffles.

Megan: Ack! I almost forgot those. Why is it so many of those gowns have ruffles? What's up with that?

Lisa: I think brides like to look pretty on their wedding day. Most brides, that it.

Megan: Hey, Marty will love me no matter what I wear. Softball jersey or wedding gown. So, I may just wait till the last minute and grab a white dress off some store rack. Just to irritate you guys.

Lisa: Please tell me you're kidding.

Megan: (wicked grin) Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. That softball jersey and cleats sound good, now that you mention it. Marty would LOVE not having to get dressed up. He's in lawyer-dark suits every day.

Lisa: No frou frou Megan. Okay, everybody. . .what do YOU think? Will no frou frou Megan find a wedding gown or will she go for the softball jersey and cleats?


  1. I suggest a wedding gown, without cleats & without frou frou. Something simple and white can be very classy and not intimidating to a baseball kind of gal. Good luck & try to have some fun searching!

  2. My daughter's wedding dress was very simple. Just some beading on the top and a bit on the skirt to compliment the top. A gown that suits you can be found....just look a bit, it's there!

  3. I think a simple dress will work for Megan, especially if she can get a second wear out of it.

  4. Oh, heck with it, Megan, go with the softball jersey and cleats!

  5. Go for it, Megan. Get married on the pitcher's mound in softball jersey and cleats!!!

  6. As a compromise, perhaps a few ruffles on the jersey and a touch of bling on the cleats. A day to remember!

  7. I think she'll cave and find just the right dress.

    ~ Krista

  8. Combine Jenn's and Mary Jane's ideas - the ceremony on the pitcher's mound, with ruffles and bling on the jersey and cleats.

  9. Posted by Maggie Sefton, Megan Smith--

    "Thanks for supporting the 'casual' look, guys! I really appreciate it. I went shopping with Jennifer, Lisa, & Kelly in SKEIN OF THE CRIME and found nothing I liked. ABSOLUTELY nothing. So, it'll probably be the softball jersey/cleats with bling. Sorry, cannot abide ruffles on anything." ----Megan

  10. Posted by Maggie Sefton for Lisa Gerrard---

    "Now, you know what we're dealing with. Megan is SO stubborn. That shopping trip was a disaster. We hit every bridal shop in Fort Connor, Loveland, Longmont, Boulder, all over Northern Colorado. We were exhausted. And it was the same thing in every shop: as soon as she looked around she'd cry 'Ruffles!' or 'Beads!' or 'Gauze!' It was hilarious. Mimi said we have to try the shops in Denver, but I don't think I have the patience. If it weren't for all those relatives coming, I'd say the pitcher's mound with jerseys and cleats. Bling would be optional."