Friday, April 15, 2011

Leave My Sister Alone!

by Irene MacIntyre

From L.L. Bartlett’s Bound By Suggestion, #4 in the Jeff Resnick Mystery Series

Being the oldest of three sisters means that I will be looking after my siblings for the rest of my life.  Mind you, it’s not always appreciated, but that saying about being sisters for life is right on target.

My youngest sister Sandy married well.  She’s got two adorable sons and a successful husband who runs a fence company.  Her life isn’t quite as perfect as my own (I married a dentist), but she’s got a lovely home, her kids are in the right schools, and she travels in the right social circle.

On the other hand, my sister Maggie has had it rough since the minute she entered puberty.  Bad choices after more bad choices.  Boyfriends, her ex (gay) husband, and then there’s that idiot she thinks she loves. 

I knew that guy was trouble the minute I heard his name:  Jeff Resnick.  He was mugged in Manhattan, badly injured (too bad he didn’t die), and came back to Buffalo to recover. Maggie had the misfortune to meet him while at her job.  (I still think he had something to do with her being let go by the bank.)

He always seems to be mixed up in shady dealings.  Like when Maggie’s boss was murdered.(#) And then he had something to do with the killings in Ellicottville.(&)  It was his lousy driving nearly got Maggie killed when they were on vacation last fall in Vermont.*  And then Maggie got clubbed while babysitting his sister-in-law who was dealing with a stalker!+  I did NOT want to invite him to Christmas dinner, but Maggie insisted, and . . . she is my sister.  We couldn’t have Christmas without her.  But then he even ruined that for us all.**

I had to put my foot down after that.  Maggie has always been like clay--easily molded--only this time it was up to me to be the artist in charge of her future. I had a small dinner party with the guy who got away from her--Doug Mallon.  He’s a millionaire now--owns his own printing business.  Not like that stupid bartender she’s been wasting time with.  Thanks to me, she smartened up and now she’s back with Doug.

I’m not done molding Maggie.  (I wish she’d let us call her Margaret--it’s so much more sophisticated.)  Mark my words, Maggie and Doug two will be engaged before the Fourth of July.  I’ll continue to work my magic and we could be looking at a September wedding.  I’ve already picked out the invitations.  I think the Park Club would be the perfect setting.  I’ve got everything planned.

Now to hope that idiot bartender doesn’t screw things up. Again.  Watch out, Mr. Resnick.  I am taking care of my little sister from here on out.
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* Murder on the Mind
& Dead In Red
# Room at the Inn (not yet published)
+ Cheated By Death
** Bah! Humbug.


  1. Never judge a man by his money, Irene... I know you mean well, but get to know a guy before you condemn him!

  2. I certainly agree with Victoria. Money does not mean you have manners or that you are good in bed. I don't know enough about the men or you sister to know which man is really the right one for her, he could be the boy who lived next door.

  3. Irene, I'm going to champion Jeff because he'll always be there for Maggie and they are a perfect fit.

    You never gave Jeff a chance, but you should.

  4. Did you people actually READ what I wrote? My sister is in DANGER when she's with this loser. I've have known Maggie all her life--she has known this guy a little over a year.

    I think I know what's best for her--and that's to stay away from him.

  5. I know you have only the best interests of your sister in mind, Irene ... but what if you're wrong? Sometimes it's better to see the negative side of a guy rather than only the positive (money)before getting too deep in a relationship. Nobody is perfect & I'm wondering if Doug has some deep, dark secrets? Just saying...

  6. I am the eldest also and my mom would have loved you! She said the same things about my ex and guess what she was RIGHT! I married a man with no education while my parents spent a fortune to educate me. In the end they were right and I am sure your sister can't see it like I did not but in the long run she will regret her decision.

  7. Oh Irene, you have to let your sister live her own life and make her own mistakes. I know it's difficult to see her in danger and making decisions that you wouldn't make in a million years. But dear, how else is she going to learn?

    If you don't back off, you might lose her forever. Be supportive. Loving. And trust that in the end, she'll do what's right for her.

  8. Thank you, Abigail--finally a voice of reason.

    Willow, should I just let my sister keep making mistakes until she make one final one and I'm standing over her grave crying my eyes out? And really, all this fuss over a BARTENDER. Maggie can do MUCH better than HIM!

  9. Um, Irene, has anyone ever spoken to you about boundaries? We don't get to pick our siblings' mates. Jeff is a friend of mine and he and Maggie will be just fine together.

  10. *Sigh* Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane . . . If that man if your friend, I have as many doubts about YOUR sanity as I do about my sister's. You both need help. I've heard about this wonderful psychiatrist, Dr. Krista Marsh. Perhaps you should consult her.

  11. Whoa, Irene, hold on! I'm getting some *very* bad vibes about this Doug person. Maybe you'd better look into him and his character and his past. Quickly!

  12. Janet, Doug comes from a well-respected family. He's got money, and a LOT of integrity. I'd trust him with Maggie's life. She couldn't be in safer hands.