Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grace Interrupted - Almost here!

By Grace Wheaton
Curator and director of Marshfield Manor

from Julie Hyzy's new Manor House Mystery
available June 7th.

Good morning! 

I'm writing this on a lovely spring morning here in North Carolina, staring out the mullioned windows of my office at Marshfield. The world is green and luscious under a sparkling sun with new plants undulating softly in the breeze. Life is good. 

Know why?

Jack and I are supposed to have our first date tonight. I'm very excited. Of course, I'm also a little concerned because his brother, Davey, recently came to stay with him and has been requiring almost all of Jack's time. We've had one date canceled already because Jack didn't want to leave Davey alone. Tonight, though, Jack says we're going for sure. I don't know exactly what's going on, but maybe he'll tell me more tonight. Jack's very circumspect. I'm not quite sure if I find that attractive or annoying. I didn't even know he had a brother until he first mentioned Davey moving in last week. I wonder if they have other siblings.

Emberstowne is a relatively small place, so I'm surprised no one mentioned him. Then again, I'm still rather new to the town myself, and I think the neighbors consider me an outsider. My goal is to change that. To really belong. It hasn't been easy. Shortly after I started work here at Marshfield, my boss was killed. I've stepped into his job, despite the fact that the owner, Bennett, wasn't particularly taken with me originally, and my assistant, Frances, fights me at every turn. 

So why am I in such a good mood this morning? Because my next story, GRACE INTERRUPTED, comes out in less than three weeks. Yep, June 7th. Can't wait!

This time a group of Civil War Re-enactors are coming to Marshfield. I know they'll liven up the grounds where they're camping, but they'll be so far away from the mansion that I'm sure we won't even know they're there. 

The one thing I know for certain is that this adventure can't be any more exciting than the last one. It can't be. Remember? I was nearly killed.

My author wouldn't put me through something like that again. Would she?

Uh-oh. I just noticed storm clouds on the horizon.
Um... Do you think that's an omen?

What possible trouble could a group of re-enactors cause? 
Of course, there's that title: Grace Interrupted. What do you suppose gets interrupted? Hmm... I may need to give this a little thought.
But I'm not nervous.

(well, maybe a little)
Hope you join me as I discover what my author has in store for me this time!



Julie Hyzy's second Manor House Mystery, Grace Interrupted, hits bookstores June 7th.
Join her in celebrating by coming to her LAUNCH PARTY:
Sunday, June 12, 2011
1:00 - 3:00
7419 W. Madison 
Forest Park, IL 60131 

or pre-order the book from the fabulous MYSTERY LOVERS' BOOKSHOP Grace Interrupted here.


  1. Oh, I'm sure she wouldn't put you through too much turmoil... have a great date, and don't worry about anything. Worrying ahead of time never prevents trouble. Or so I've heard.

    Whatever happens, I'm sure you're up to handling it, anyway.

  2. I hope you'll have time to visit with the re-enactors and tell us more about them! But do be careful.

  3. I'm more interested in your date. I hope Jack doesn't cancel and I'm sure nothing will happen with the re-enactment (I hope).

  4. Already preordered, and I can't wait!

    Men with (fake) guns--what could possibly go wrong?

  5. Thank you, Victoria! I hope I am up to whatever challenges I face!

    Janet - I will definitely keep an eye on them. But from afar. I don't want to interfere, you know...

    Dru - I'm more interested in my date, too! Hmm... what should I wear?

    Sheila - Exactly! Nothing can go wrong this time. Well, at least I hope not...

  6. An omen? Oh, possibly, Grace. But relax. It'll all get taken care of. The guns are fake, right? Hey, I'm so excited for your date with Jack. What fun.


  7. No real bullets. Just remember that...or hopefully, someone remembers that. I would keep out of range though, just in case. I can hardly wait to read about it...I so enjoyed your first outing.

  8. Excited to hear about the hot date! And the Civil War Reenactors sound really interesting! Three weeks is a long time to wait for all these details - so I'll be first in line for the new book!

  9. I'm so glad there's another Grace book about to be published. I love this series! I bet if you wanted to know what your author has in store for you - you could put Francis on the job. She'd snoop out, uh, I mean figure it out in no time.

  10. Avery - actually the guns are real. Erika is right, only the bullets are fake (blanks). Or, at least I hope they are... I think I'll keep far away just in case!

    Jshonka - I'm having a tough time waiting, too. I really wonder what's up. But at least I have tonight's date to take my mind off things. Jack's supposed to pick me up at eight.

    Booklady - that's a genius idea! My able-bodied and nosy assistant would know what's going on! Of course!

  11. Be careful around those guns, Grace. I can't wait to hear how it goes with Jack. I hope you can get him to tell you what's up with his brother!

  12. Me too, Casey! I don't know why, but I get the sense that there's more story there than he's letting on. Any time I ask anything personal, he brushes off the question. Maybe when he and I are alone at dinner tonight he'll open up a little. That would be a nice change.

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