Monday, May 23, 2011

A Horse Is a Horse . . .

Special Agent John Dillon, Georgia Bureau of Investigation

John Dillon here. You haven't heard from me before, probably because Grace and I haven't quite gotten around to taking our relationship to the next step. In fact, I probably shouldn't even use the word "relationship" in relation to Grace. What we have is, well . . . we'll figure it out one of these days.

In the meantime, I wanted to write about Groucho, my Arabian. I keep meaning to introduce Grace to him, but we haven't quite gotten around to that, either. I board him at a facility not to far from St. Elizabeth. He hasn't quite adjusted to the Georgia summers--for that matter, neither have I after living so long in Wisconsin--but he's getting there. When I'm hanging out with Groucho at the stable, or riding him, it takes me completely away from the ugliness I see every day as a special agent with the GBI. Animals don't seem to have the "malicious" gene that so many humans have in spades.

Believe it or not, Groucho is the only "pet" I've had as an adult. (And I'm darn sure he would object to the label "pet.") My job takes me away from home too often for me to have a dog or cat that would need me home at regular intervals for food and companionship. When I'm out of town, Amanda, who owns the boarding stable, makes sure all Groucho's needs are met. I miss my time with him when the job gets in the way, but I know he's well taken care of. Hell, he probably doesn't even notice when I don't show up for weeks on end.

What about you? Do you have an animal? Or not have one because your circumstances make it difficult?


  1. I have always had horses...until I got married and moved to the city. Arabians to be exact. Now I have 2 dogs (both are rescues) a cat and a bird. Oh yeah and 2 2-legged pets as well

  2. We would probably bark at Groucho, John. We might bark at you, too, until we got to know you, which wouldn't take long. Just talk to us and let us get a sniff. We supervise Willow Vanderling, who really seems to need our help. Maybe she'll bring us to meet you and Groucho some day. We're always ready for new adventures!

  3. Two cats, both needy as all get out! I tell them cats are supposed to be independent, but they say that's just silly.

  4. My two Siamese cats allow me to live with them. They can be needy -- as in having to sit on my lap, keyboard, newspaper, etc. when I'm trying to use them. But they also have their own agenda. I can't imagine a house without cats.
    PS...I love horses, too but have never owned one and only ridden a couple of times. But they are beautiful to watch.

  5. I love horses but my miniature dachshunds would never let me have one. Anyway, how would my horse manage the stairs.

    Thanks for coming by. I enjoyed meeting you and your four-legged 'pet'.

  6. Lila Dare, the author who writes about our investigations, has a daughter who is horse made. She keeps hoping it will wear off, but so far not. She may have to break down and allow her daughter to get a horse when she has a driver's license and can drive to/from the stables to take care of it.

    Thanks for sharing pet stories today.

    John Dillon

  7. I'm wondering if Sue's two-legged pets are birds . . .

    ~ Krista

  8. I had a beloved horse when I was younger. You can tell your author, Lila, her daughter probably won't grow out of that special connection between a girl and a horse. Nice post!

  9. I would love to meet Groucho and I'm rooting for you to have that relationship with Grace.

    No animals due to allergies.

  10. We can only have fish at the present time. It's to teach Lady K, our 8 year old, responsibility. When DH retires retires in a few years, then we will get a dog that will meet well with his allergies, a terrier of some kind.