Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother knows best

by Savannah Martin, from Jenna Bennett's Cutthroat Business Mysteries.

My mother’s perfect. Or so I’ve always thought. That’s why I’ve always done everything exactly the way she’s told me. I got good grades in school, I had nice friends of which my parents approved, and I dated Todd Satterfield, because I knew it would make mother happy.

Todd was my brother’s best friend, and Dix was dating Charlotte, who was my best friend, so it seemed almost ordained that Todd and I should date too. And mother and dad were friends with Pauline and Bob Satterfield, so they were all on board with the situation. I didn’t go out with him because I was in love with him, and I didn’t think he was in love with me either—until he graduated and asked me to marry him.

He was eighteen and on his way to college. I was sixteen and still in high school. I said no. I figured he probably asked because everyone expected him to. I’m not the only one struggling with wanting to please my mother.

A couple of years later, I graduated too, and went off to finishing school in Charleston. After that I debuted at the Christmas Cotillion in Savannah—my mother’s home town, for which I’m named—and then it was back to Tennessee and Vanderbilt University Law School. And that’s where I met Bradley Ferguson.

He was a lawyer, or would be once he passed the bar, which he did with flying colors. He was from an old Mississippi family, and could trace his antecedents back to the War Against Northern Aggression—that’s the Civil War to the rest of you. He was tall and blond and reasonably handsome, with no apparent insanity in the family, and he was polite and attentive and knew which fork to use at dinner.

Mother approved. By then I was twenty two, so when Bradley proposed, I said yes. We were married in the church in Sweetwater where I was christened as a baby, with my entire family—and Todd—in attendance.

By this point I’d done everything perfectly, fully expecting my life to turn our perfect in return. You can imagine my shock when my husband of less than two years told me he had met someone else and wanted a divorce.

Because I was a frigid and he had ‘needs.’

But making a fuss is unladylike, so I agreed to give him his divorce, and to take a settlement in lieu of alimony, and I left him and the new Mrs. Ferguson my wedding china and my wedding silver and my embroidered linens and the townhouse in Green Hills. And instead of tucking my tail and running back to Sweetwater to lick my wounds in the bosom of my loving family, I stiffened my spine and got myself a real estate license and a rental apartment on the wrong side of the tracks, and here I am.

Savannah Martin, Realtor®, at your service.

Mother isn’t thrilled about it, of course. She’d rather have me back in Sweetwater, where I’ll be safe and provided for. She’d rather have me married to Todd, since he’ll take care of me. She wants to see me settled and happy.

She’s going to have a coronary when she finds out what I’ve been doing... and with whom!


Savannah Martin narrates the Cutthroat Business mysteries by Jenna Bennett. When A Cutthroat Business was first released, Library Journal said that “the hilarious dialogue and tension between Rafe and Savannah will delight fans of chick-lit mysteries and romantic suspense,” while the Nashville Scene called the book “a frothy girl drink of houses, hunks, and whodunit, written in a breezy first person,” and added that, “if you love an umbrella in your drink ... grab A Cutthroat Business for a quick beach read.”

A Cutthroat Business is available in electronic format on Amazon, B&N and Smashwords, and for the next nine days, you can enter to win a free download at the International Thriller Writers' Neverending Book Giveaway.


  1. Intriguing... I want to know more!

  2. Hi Savannah, I want to hear more about what you're doing and to whom.

  3. Just what have you been doing? I know, I'll have to read to find out. Sounds very mysterious.