Saturday, May 14, 2011

The truth about Charlotte Adams

Submitted by Lilith Carisse from the Charlotte Adams mysteries by Mary Jane Maffini

I want to set the record straight about Charlotte Adams. I don’t have much time because I am working three jobs to put myself through college and this is supposed to be my lunch break, but it needs to be done. Anyway, here goes: some people think that Charlotte is a bit too bossy. People are free to think whatever they want, but I’ve had a lot of bad and bitchy supervisors and she’s not bossy, she’s confident and committed and, yeah okay, a bit obsessive.

Here’s the thing: I don’t look like everyone else. Most people take one look and mistrust me, but Charlotte doesn’t care if I have piercings or a nose ring or blue hair.

Charlotte has given me more chances to make a better life than anyone else I’ve ever met. She trusts me and she gives me plenty of opportunities. I’d do anything for her. I have no family that I would ever want to see again and I've been homeless, but because of Charlotte, I have a home, rent free, while I work my way through college. I live with and help out Rose Skipowski who is seventy-three and has health issues and a daughter who couldn’t care less about her. Without me, Rose would have to sell her house and go into an assisted living place. Because of Charlotte, we even have an awesome dog, Schopenhauer. Schopie’s glad too. He’s a rescue. She put us all together because she cares.

Okay, sure, Charlotte’s a bit fussy and maybe a bit vain and things have to be done a certain way, and, yes, she keeps her spices in alphabetical order even though she doesn’t cook, but, face it, Charlotte gets the job done. She’s trained me to be part of her crew for her organizing contracts. I’ve learned a lot and I'm getting to be a whizz with those bins.

Maybe the police don’t like Charlotte because she meddles, but do you think she’d get mixed up in these dangerous situations if the police were on top of their game? No way. In The Busy Woman’s Guide to Murder it was really cool that I could be there for her, not only to do a bit of snooping, but also to play my part in stopping a murderer and save two lives. To tell the truth, I'm proud to make a difference in all the Charlotte Adams books.

Now I want to show my gratitude. Maybe I should try to help her realize that she and Jack Reilly should stop wasting time and become an official couple. Everyone else seems to know this except for Charlotte (and maybe Jack).

I don’t know what to do. I sure don’t want to insult the person who’s been so good to me. Any advice? No reasonable suggestion turned down!


  1. Maybe you could use some of the alphabetized spices and whip up a romantic dinner for Charlotte and Jack?

    ~ Krista

  2. Lilith, you just can't make people realize they should be together! They'll figure it out. Maybe.

  3. But, you're so right about Charlotte & Jack. I think, though, you'd better stick to organizing things rather than people.
    You're great gal, Lilith...and Charlotte knows it!

  4. I fear that Victoria might be right, sigh. But you can be supportive if either of them so much as hints that they like the other.

  5. Lilith, they'll come together when the time is right.

  6. Listen to the ladies, Lilith. You are one of the best things to happen to Charlotte, but you know how skittish she can be when it comes to commitment. Give it time.

  7. Don't worry Lilith I'm sure they'll get their act together before long, after all they can't survive without each other in their lives.

  8. It is hard to sit by and watch the pair of them dancing around the issue but I'd leave well enough alone if I were you, Lilith. Charlotte doesn't mind dishing advice but she can be a bit prickly about taking it.

  9. I just saw this book at the library last week. Haven't finished any in the series yet but I have two at home.