Monday, May 30, 2011

What’s a Witch to Do?

By Darcy Merriweather
From Heather Blake’s (aka Heather Webber) IT TAKES A WITCH

You’d think that being the new witch in town would be enough to cause a little anxiety, but it’s nothing compared to being mixed up in a murder.

I was still adjusting to my life in the Enchanted Village, a destination neighborhood of Salem, Massachusetts, that caters to all things magical, when the owner of Lotions and Potions was killed. Found strangled behind Spellbound Bookshop. And my aunt Ve’s boyfriend Sylar is the number one suspect.

So what’s a good witch to do but investigate and clear Sylar’s name? If only there weren’t so many obstacles in my way. Like a town pickpocket, some deep-rooted family secrets, a wombat (don’t ask), and a dreamy security expert who makes me want to forget my horrible divorce...

Talk about anxiety! How do you deal with stress? Because as of right now all I have is my new hobby of jogging, and it’s not cutting it.

It Takes a Witch debuts in January 2012. More info here:


  1. Darcy, I can't wait to visit the Enchanted Village! I was going to suggest walking as a stress reliever, but if jogging isn't working for you, well . . . maybe you need to sit down for a spell, I mean for a*while*, with a purring cat in your lap.

  2. Hi Darcy,

    Looking forward to visiting the Enchanted Village. Listening and dancing to music may relieve some of your stress.

  3. Meditation? Yoga? Hmm... I do like Janet's cat suggestion!

  4. Okay, you said not to ask, but wombat?


  5. How do I deal with stress? Not very well! :) I have recently written "Non-Toxic Zone" on a dry-erase board in the hallway to remind myself not to engage in toxic thoughts and self-bullying.

  6. for a spell
    Ha! Janet, you crack me up. The only cat in my life isn't the cuddling type (yet!). But I do have a dog--Miss Demeanor. AKA Missy.

    Thanks, Dru Ann! Funny you mention dancing...

    Victoria, yoga sounds like a good idea. I need a little meditation in my life.

    LOL, Avery. It started innocently enough, but then one of my wishes went wrong... Thankfully the local zoo was able to help out.

    Gayle, I might need to get a dry-erase board of my own. Good idea!

  7. Speaking of spells, isn't there one for stress, I mean to relieve stress? Otherwise, I second the jogging and cats suggestions. Usually work for me.

  8. Hey Darcy,
    I'm looking forward to getting to know you. In the meantime I've posted your special announcement on my own page to spread the word that you are coming soon to meet everyone.

  9. I cope by reading and I can't wait to read more about you! January won't come soon enough!

  10. I look forward to meeting you and hearing all about your adventures, Darcy! I'm with Erika. You should find a de-stress spell. That should make things look rosy again.

  11. Erika, if there is, I don't know it!

    Thanks, Nora! I appreciate the support. I'd love to be able to keep telling my stories.

    Reading is a great stress relief, Mary Jane. As a matter of fact, I might go curl up right now...

    Hi Dorothy! I definitely need to work on my spells!

  12. I just wanna read more, Darcy! I'd love to visit your town. Sounds fantastic and I can't wait for January 2012.

  13. Thanks, Harlow! I think we have some things in common. :)