Monday, May 9, 2011

Who Would Have Guessed?

Loretta Steiner from Denise Swanson’s Scumble River mystery series

My name is Loretta Steiner. I first met Skye Denison in college. She and I were Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority sisters at the University of Illinois. After graduation, we lost touch, but about five years ago, out of the blue, I got a call from her. Her brother Vince had been arrested for murdering an ex-girlfriend and since she had read about me being a criminal lawyer in the Chicago Tribune, she asked me to defend him.

One of the first questions I asked her was whether he was guilty (not that it made a difference because everyone is entitled to his or her day in court). My second question was how to get to Scramble Eggs or whatever little town it was, she lived in. At the time, I had no reason or desire to leave the city very often.

After Skye and I reconnected, it seemed that she was calling me every six months to represent another murderer in Stumble Waters. Which was interesting, since the good old boys at the police station, county jail, and courthouse had never dealt with an African-American woman lawyer before.

Another interesting thing happened. Due to the fact I was in Scattered Stream so often, I started dating Vince. We tried to keep our relationship on the QT, having no idea how the town and his family would react to an interracial couple, but Skye found out. That girl has a nose for secrets like a bloodhound.

However, the biggest surprise happened in Murder of a Bookstore Babe when Vince and I…oops! I promised not to spill the beans about that. Let’s just say I did something and agreed to something, I never would have thought that I would do.

How about you? Have you surprised yourself?


  1. Loretta, will you eventually learn the name of the town that Skye lives in?

  2. Not really. I usually have to build up to doing things so by that time, it's not longer a surprise.

    Good thing you're able to find your way back to that town, even if you don't know its name!

  3. Oops? What exactly is oops? Don't leave us hanging!

    MJ (off to read and find out)

  4. I'm with MJ. Ooops? Yes, I've done things that surprised myself. I hitchhiked around Ireland by myself. Great adventure. Wouldn't want any girl to do that now, however. Sometimes our surprises aren't always wise choices.


  5. Dru and Erika--I really do know the town's name, but I like to tease Skye. ;)

    MJ and Avery--Sorry, I'm sworn to confidentiality.

  6. LOL on those town names.

    I surprise myself constantly. Not always pleasant surprises, either...