Monday, June 27, 2011

Blame it on Schwinn

Captain Mike Sullivan from Jenn McKinlay's
on July 5th!

Everyone calls me Sully, or Captain Sully, as
I run the tour boats and the water taxi around
the Thumb Islands off the coast of Briar Creek,
a small shore town in Connecticut.

I grew up on Bell Island with my sister Mary, who
owns the Blue Anchor Cafe in the center of town.
She's the one who first pointed out the town's
new librarian, Lindsey Norris, to me.

Suddenly, I have a renewed (yes, pun intended)
interest in checking out books from the library.
I blame it on the Schwinn.

What man can resist a woman with long, curly blond hair
who rides a red Schwinn to work every day? The kind of
woman who remembers who your favorite authors are
and who puts those books aside for you? Not me.

Of course, things get a little dicey when Beth Stanley, the children's
librarian, is accused of murdering her ex boyfriend. No one believes
she did it, but Lindsey goes out of her way to prove her friend's
innocence, which only makes me like her all the more.

Here's the problem:
I'm a sailor. I understand the sea.
Women, not so much.
How's a guy supposed to ask
out a woman as smart
as Lindsey? Does anyone
have any advice?
What would you do?


  1. Ask her to a book related event... an author reading in the next town, a play, etc?? Something that requires you to spend a lot of time together, preferably, then plan everything for her comfort... women like that. Ask other women's opinion (someone you trust).

  2. How about asking for a book about something to do with boats and then, invite her for a her own personal boat tour?

  3. Suddenly, I have a renewed (yes, pun intended)interest in checking out books from the library.

    LOL! Love that. And just be yourself!

  4. Thanks, ladies, I'll do my best.
    Sully, who is looking for a blue Schwinn (brilliant idea)!

  5. Be yourself and start by talking about the latest book.