Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kate Carlisle, Author of MURDER UNDER COVER

My name is Minka LaBoeuf, and you might remember me from HOMICIDE IN HARDCOVER, IF BOOKS COULD KILL, and THE LIES THAT BIND. Now MURDER UNDER COVER is out, and Kate Carlisle has again focused on the wrong person!

When my mother named me Minka LaBoeuf, she clearly knew I would be fabulous. And I am. Who else do you know who could pull off a leopard print catsuit and thigh-high pleather boots? My hair is big, and my makeup is flawless – thick black eyeliner and lipstick the color of fresh blood.

I am, without question, the hottest darn bookbinder in the biz. Which is why it seriously chaffs my drawers that Brooklyn Wainwright gets all the attention around here. She thinks she’s so special, with her blonde hair and pasty face. Her family is weird. She grew up in a commune. Freak. But Miss High-and-Mighty acts like Queen of the Universe just because she didn’t drop out of school until after she got her Ph.D.

Whoop-di-do. Ph. D. equals Pesky Hore Doofus.

What? There’s a W in hore? That doesn’t make any sense.

I don’t understand why no one else sees what a bitch she is. I mean, come on! Everywhere she goes, somebody dies. And then she has the nerve to accuse me of stalking her. As if. I only stalk people I like.

What does that sexy Derek Stone see in her? He could have anyone – he could have me!

I heard that Brooklyn “found” another dead body. And this time, the body was in Brooklyn’s best friend’s bed. With her best friend. Coincidence? Idontthinkso. I always thought Brooklyn and Robin were a little too close, if you know what I mean.

If there’s any justice at all in this world, Brooklyn will go to jail this time, Derek Stone will beg me to let him paint my toenails, and I will be the new star of the Bibliophile Mysteries!

Minka wears too-tight catsuits with no regrets…. But not many people have such a surplus of self-esteem. Looking back on your life, what look do you regret?

Kate Carlisle is the author of the Bibliophile Mysteries, featuring rare book restoration expert (and lover of all things edible) Brooklyn Wainwright. The fourth Bibliophile Mystery, Murder Under Cover, debuted on the New York Times list at #32. Brooklyn’s best friend Robin returns to San Francisco from a trip to India with a new man – and an exceedingly rare copy of the Kama Sutra for Brooklyn to restore. When the new boyfriend is murdered in Robin’s bed, only Brooklyn and handsome British security expert Derek Stone stand between Robin and life in prison.  VISIT KATE AT HER WEBSITE: KATE CARLISLE


  1. Minka, hon, you just need to stop focusing on Brooklyn and worry about your own life... it's all any of us can do. Oh, and be careful about red lipstick... it can be very aging.

  2. LOL, Victoria! That is so true. I don't think Minka's going to refocus any time soon. Self-reflection is not her style.

  3. Unless it's in a mirror, Kate?

  4. LOL, Janet. Exactly! But what she sees in the mirror (fabulosity) doesn't necessarily match what the world sees when they look at her.

  5. That's a loaded question! Perhaps not buying the fabulous red sandals last summer is my most recent regret.
    But really, Minka...I think the missing "w" says it all.

  6. Erika, Interesting... you regret a fashion choice you didn't make. My regrets are all about looks I chose and shouldn't have.

  7. Minka, have you been sniffing that glue again?

    My biggest regret is trying to perm my hair. My natural wave turned into a Minka Disaster!

    I LOVE Brooklyn (and Derek)! I just finished MURDER UNDER COVER and can't wait for the next one!

  8. Minka, Minka...try for Ian instead of Derek. You'd have better luck. Ian's gay, you say? Yes, I know.

    I'm with Jen. Permed my hair once and burned it so badly couldn't drag a brush through it.

  9. Minka, I regret nothing. It has all shaped who I am. Though I'd probably like to have not said yes to a few dates along the way. LOL


  10. Minka, I have to say I admire anyone who can pull off a catsuit.

    My biggest fashion regret? It's a tie between the blue mascara (I didn't know you were to only put it on the tips of your eyelashes. I looked like an alien. An adorable alien, but an alien all the same *g*) and the thick blond streaks I put in my above my ears. What can I say? I was 14 and it was the 80s.

  11. Jennifer, oh lord, the dreaded four-letter word: PERM. Ack!!! Never again, never again!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed MURDER UNDER COVER!!! Thank you!!!!

  12. Maureen, LOLOLOL!!!!! Ian just might go for Minka. After all, she bears a strong resemblance to a drag queen.

  13. Avery, not even a single fashion/style regret?!! I think I would be more Zen about my mistakes if they hadn't been captured in photographs that my family drags out every time we get together.

  14. Beth, you're supposed to put blue mascara only on the tips of your eyelashes? WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME?????!!!!!!

    Adding another faux pas to my lengthy list....

  15. Minka, Minka, Minka, I'm afraid Brooklyn is a much better person than you and you've shown that your life and the world around you is all about you.

  16. Dru, you're so right. In Minka's mind, it's a Minka World, baby!

  17. Thank you so much to all the ladies at Killer Characters for hosting the not-so-fabulous Minka LaBoeuf! Special thanks to you, Avery Aames, my book tour buddy. I had a lot of fun!