Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rags from A Cheese Shop Mystery series

By Rags
From Lost and Fondue by Avery Aames

I know this is a little unusual, a cat writing...but I just have to. There's something on my mind.

I'm Rags, Charlotte's best pet...actually best friend. She talks to me all the time. She takes me to The Cheese Shop and I spend time in the office. I love the aroma in the shop. I love how Charlotte sings to herself whenever she comes into the office. [She would never admit that she does.] Working at Fromagerie Bessette makes her very happy. So does that new man in her life, Jordan.  I like him, too. He's a real animal lover. A cat can tell. There are a few who aren't sure about him, but I am.

I met Charlotte a few years ago. She adopted me. I had other owners, but we got separated. I don't think it was their fault. Not really. We were traveling. We stopped at a rest stop, and Sissy, my owner -- she had the most beautiful blonde hair -- she exited the van and left the door open. I decided to explore for a bit. When I returned, the van was gone. It wasn't really Sissy's fault. Often I sat in her lap when we drove, but occasionally, I would play hide and seek and sneak under the pile of blankets on the back seat. Sissy probably thought I was there when she returned to the van. I tried to find my way home, but I never did. I got in a scrap or two on my travels. A bully of a cat took a chunk out of my tail. I was a mess and a little bit of a scaredy cat when a woman named Tallulah Barker found me. She rescues all sorts of animals. She gave me to Charlotte. It was love at first sight. Charlotte has short hair but, like Sissy, it's the most beautiful blonde color. And she smells good. Like vanilla and soap and milk. She takes me for walks and she lets me sit in her lap a lot and she strokes my neck. I am very lucky.

But telling you my history isn't why I'm writing today. I'm a little nervous.  Charlotte is worried about something and I want to fix it. Meredith, Charlotte's friend, wants to turn the abandoned winery into a liberal arts college and there are all sorts of rumors surrounding the winery.

I don't like to see Charlotte upset. It makes me edgy.  Is there a way I can calm Charlotte's fears?  Or is she right?  Should I be worried, too?

OH, P.S. [This note from Avery]

LOST AND FONDUE launched last month. 

If you'd like to order a copy, click this booksellers link. It's available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and independent booksellers.

If you'd like to know more about A Cheese Shop Mystery series and want to download a few other recipes from me (on recipe cards - including FONDUE), click here: RECIPES.

Say cheese!

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  1. Hi Rags,

    Just having you to talk to and cuddle with will help relieve some of the anxiety that Charlotte is feeling. Give her some extra leg bumps. You're a good friend.

  2. Maybe you can find a way to distract Meredith . . . ? ? ?

  3. Rags, all you can do with humans is give them a little space, but insist on some lap time, and when Charlotte pets you, purr REAL loud. That is proven to lower blood pressure, you know!

  4. Dru, you're right. A few leg bumps. I like to weave figure eights, at least that's what Charlotte calls them.

    Janet, hmmmmm, that's an idea. A way to distract Meredith. I like her so I can't trip her or anything, but maybe I could...hmmmm, no ideas are coming to me.

    Victoria, I know all about the purring. I am an excellent purr-er. Charlotte's not big when the purr becomes a yowl (when I'm hungry), but otherwise, I think I'm good for her. She seems to smile more when she's around me. Thanks for the advice.


  5. Hi Rags! Mochie here. I have checked the Feline Manual (Sissy probably drove off with your copy) and it recommends two things for upset owners. Victoria nailed the first one. Snuggle as close to Charlotte's ears as possible and purr as loud and long as you can. The second recommendation is to distract your person. Suggestions include running around the house at top speed, jumping onto places where they don't want you to be, jumping on the highest piece of furniture in the house (mew pitifully), teasing the dog, and, should all else fail, climbing the curtains.

    Good luck!
    ~ Mochie

  6. Mochie, I have to admit sometimes I can be so lazy. Running seems like a chore. But Charlotte does like to take me for walks, so I'll purr to get her to fetch the leash. Yes, I'm a little odd. I like the leash. I feel she's showing me off.
    ~ Rags

  7. Hi, Rags. So nice to see a picture of you. I just finished reading about you in The Long Quiche Goodbye, and would love to meet you. So would Oliver Biscuit. He's black with two tiny white spots on his tummy and he loves other kitties. He lives with me and visits my Lifethread series as the pampered feline belonging to my heroines, McKenna, Merritt, and Shea.

    Come back and write some more about Charlotte soon!