Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time to try again?

Written by Molly Mathews

from the upcoming Ashton Corners Book Club Mysteries by Erika Chase.

I’m so pleased to meet y’all. My name is Molly Mathews and it’s always such a pleasure to invite folks into my home. I just love hosting the Ashton Corners Mystery Readers & Cheese Straws Society every month. They’re such lovely people, quite a variety who bring so many different points of view to our gatherings. Although none seem to be as devoted to Agatha Christie as I.

Of course, Lizzie Turner has a special place in my heart. I’ve been there for her over the years, ever since her mama took to living in her own secluded world, and Lizzie has been there for me. Especially when my Claydon passed on so many years ago.

He was quite the Southern gentleman. Well known in the community, a successful businessman, generous to a fault, and the life of every party. We loved to entertain and I guess that’s why I try to fill this house with people, rather than ramble around in it on my own. He’s still with me. He truly is. His ashes are in an urn that sits on the driver’s seat of his beloved 1957 Corvette, in the garage. I like to spend some time with him each night, tell him what’s gone on, ask for his advice. And I feel like he hears me.

And then there’s Bob Miller. I’ve known Bob since the days his mama used to come sew up some truly wonderful dresses for my mama. Bob and I used to play outdoors, games like tag and hide ‘n seek. We’d go a huntin’ for frogs down by the creek. And he’d just grab those old snakes and twirl them away. Then we got older and didn’t talk so much through high school. Then he got married, became Police Chief, got divorced, and now is retired.

We’re seeing a lot more of each other again. He’s also in the book club and I’m trying real hard to expand his reading tastes. The thing is, I get this feeling there’s more than books happening here. And I’m really wonderin’ about it.

What do you think? Am I just too settled in my ways, I’m in my seventies you know, or should I be open to maybe a new romance?


  1. I think Claydon would want you to fully enjoy your time on earth, don't you? Whatever that means for you, and whatever you want to do.

  2. Introducing an urn of ashes into a relationship won't be easy, but Bob sounds like someone who might understand.

  3. I love the urn in the Corvette! That's priceless.

    As for Bob, well, you just never know what will happen in life. Be open to the possibility and see where it goes!

    ~ Krista

  4. Thank y'all for your suggestions. It's alot to think about for sure.
    Janet -- no one knows about the urn. Oh...I guess they do now.

  5. I find that it's best not to over think these things. If you like Bob, spend time with him and live your life without worrying about what might or might not happen. He sounds like a fun guy!

  6. I guess Bob will have to 'urn' his keep if he's going to be a keeper. I think this could happen. In fact, I bet that's why he's part of the book club.

  7. Good advice, Dorothy and MJ, can I use that line?

  8. Thanks, Mary Jane. I just spewed coffee all over my monitor.