Friday, July 8, 2011

It's About Time

by Kelly Flynn from

Maggie Sefton's new Knitting Mystery, UNRAVELED, June 2011

At last! Megan has finally found a wedding dress. Jennifer, Lisa, and I couldn't believe it. Megan had rejected EVERYTHING we showed her on our all-day wedding dress hunting trip. (If you don't believe me, check out Miss Snoopy's SKEIN OF THE CRIME). We'd searched all over Northern Colorado on several trips. We'd seen everything in Fort Connor, then spent another weekend attacking Loveland and Boulder. But Megan had turned thumbs-down on everything. I mean, everything.

Too much lace, too many beads, too many ruffles, too much. . .frou frou. That was Megan's word for anything fancier than she liked. Brother! Talk about frustrating. Megan didn't like anything. We even showed her some simple styles, and she'd find embroidery on it and say "no." Talk about annoying!

We'd given up all hope of finding anything that Megan liked and came home in defeat. I'd jokingly told Megan that she and Marty would wind up being married in their baseball tee shirts and cleats at home plate. Megan loved the idea.

Jennifer, Lisa, and I figured Megan would wait till the last minute then find something, anything. And then, Megan came to Denver with Jennifer and me. I had a big meeting with my Denver client, Warner Development, and Jennifer had to attend a real estate conference. Megan invited herself along when I told them they could share my luxury suite that I usually rented in Denver whenever I had late business meetings.

Well. . .Jennifer and I went off to work that next morning while Megan decided to check out the Denver bridal salons. She didn't want to, but she'd promised Lambspun owner Mimi she would. And, guess what? Megan found the perfect wedding gown while Jen and I were getting bored senseless in all-day meetings. We couldn't believe it.

You can read all about Megan's dress hunt. . .and find out exactly what her gown looks like in UNRAVELED. Miss Snoopy Author must have been spying on us again. I swear, she's everywhere. She even found out about that crazy volleyball game Megan and I played in that night in Denver. Steve played, too. In fact, he was right across the net from me. Aggreavating? You bet! But nothing compared to Bubba. You can read about him, too. But if Bubba knows what's good for him, he'd better not cross my path again. Or, a volleyball court.

Too much aggravation for one night. Waaaaaaay too much.


  1. I'm in wedding mode (not my own, but rather my son's) so am looking forward to reading about the wedding dress quest! And of course, the mystery!

  2. Shopping! Always good. Especially fun with Erika. Maybe she'll help out.