Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's A Dog's Life

By Angus O'Ruff, Marcy Singer's Irish Wolfhound

from Stitch Me Deadly by Amanda Lee

I know it's usually cats who do all the talking in mystery books, but my girl Marcy is a dog-person. Of course, Marcy is kind of an everything person. If a cat wandered into our store, she'd probably pick it up, pet it, and give it something to eat. She's a people person too. That's how she's gets us into so many predicaments.

See, my Marcy runs the Seven-Year Stitch. It's an embroidery shop with lots of yarn and needles and threads and fabric. I don't bother those things, though. I have toys of my own. Down the street from us is the coffee shop ran by Marcy's and my friends the MacKenzies. And across the street is the Brew Crew. Our buddy Todd makes stuff to drink in there, too, but his stuff doesn't smell as good as the MacKenzies' stuff. I'd like to try that; but, although she shares most everything else with me, Marcy is sort of selfish with her lattes.

I come to work with Marcy most days, although I sometimes stay at home in my fenced back yard. I prefer coming to the shop because I like to be with Marcy and greet the customers. Would you believe some of them don't like me? I don't know why. I go out of my way to try to make them feel welcome.

Marcy also goes out of her way to try to make people feel welcome...and to help them whenever anything bad happens. The other day a woman came into our shop, and Marcy gave her some tea. And then the woman fell over, and some men with a table on wheels came in and got her. Now Marcy is all worried. I don't know why. Marcy was nice to the lady...and gave her tea. Why would some people think that was bad?

On the bright side, our friend Ted--the detective--is spending more time with us. And Marcy's mom came to stay with us for a few days. Her name is Beverly, and she calls me her granddog. Marcy says she spoils me rotten. I like being spoiled rotten. I don't like seeing my Marcy so sad, though. Why do people get mad at other people when they didn't even do anything wrong?


  1. Hi Angus,

    Just being by Marcy's side will definitely cheer her up.

    As for why people get made at someone doing something nice, I don't know.

  2. Whoa! We love it that our dog friends have been blogging for the past two days! We understand sadness, but anger and grudges? Maybe if humans had tails to wag they'd learn to get along with each other better.

  3. It's dog and cat days here at Killer Characters! My mom is a domestic diva and I've noticed that some people are very picky about their food. Maybe the lady who fell over wanted a latte instead of tea? Which reminds me that I know a Dalmatian who gets to drink his own latte every morning -- at the table, too!

    ~ Daisy
    Domestic Diva Mysteries

  4. My cats do NOT like dogs but I love Irish Wolfhounds and you sound like a real cool pup, Angus. I'm sure you'll be a big help to Marcy. As for people...they're really hard to figure out, most times.

  5. I adore Irish Wolfhounds! I hope to be able to come visit you at the shop one day, Angus. I might skip on Marcy's tea though. I'm sending you a cyber dog treat!

    PS--Loving the cat and dog days of summer here at Killer Characters. :-)

  6. We prefer small dogs like us (just seems right), but even if you are big, you seem nice. We hope everything is okay with Marcy. Detective Ted sounds good too. Does he bring treats?

    Daisy and Lily

  7. Humans worry about many things, but I'd wager everything will turn out okay for Marcy. In the meantime, Marcy has you to offer her comfort. That's the most important job for a dog like you, as it balances out the unpleasantness of some few)humans.

    By the way, grandmothers are suppose to spoil granddogs. It's practice for grandbabies.

  8. Angus, humans are weird. Cats are weird, too, but at least they keep their weirdness to themselves most of the time! I have a feeling it will all turn out okay in the end.