Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bad Girls Rule.

By Sylvie Bessette
From LOST AND FONDUE by Avery Aames

Some people call me a bad girl. Tosh! Don't believe it. I am headstrong. There is a difference. And I am beautiful, which makes plenty of people jealous. And I am intelligent.

All right, so I made one mistake. One. I left my husband and my twin daughters and went home to Mumsie and dear old Dad, but only for a bit. Not long. An eon is long. I left for a few years. I needed to think. I needed time to find myself. Is that enough reason to hold me accountable forever? I mean really, love, is it?

So, I have returned from England. I have my head on straight, and I want to be a good mother. I do. My girlie-girls need me. Who else do they have to turn to? Charlotte? Not on your life. She has no sense of style, and she's unbelievably busy, dishing up cheese and solving crime. Please, do not even get me started on that new angle of her life. Defending the helpless, she will tell you, but I know better. She is nosey and she likes to fix things. She always has a hand in somewhere. Well, she will not be snooping into my life. I will be a step ahead of her at all times.

And that Meredith? When did she sink her clutches into the love of my life? And now her niece is suspected of murder. What kind of role model is that for my sweet Amy and Clair? I have half a mind to move back to Providence so I can keep an eye out. However, there is one small snag. I am a little low on cash. But I have a plan.

Did you hear about the abandoned vineyard that good old Meredith wants to turn into a college? It's rumored to hold buried treasure. Jewels.

So here is my thought. I will find that treasure, cash in those gems, and start life anew.  And I will beg the court to give me back my girls.  But first, I need to know where to start.

I do not mean to be a bother, but do you have any ideas?

* * * * * * **


  1. Excellent idea, Liz V. Your parents may need you eventually, Sylvie. Might as well stay near them.

  2. England? Liz, love, I'm afraid I don't get your meaning. Are you saying I should return to England and abandon...I mean, girlie-girls in America?

    And Janet, my parents, Mumsie and Dad, are doing very well, thank you.

    Hmph. Any other ideas?


  3. Sylvie and other Killers,
    Take the girls to a gorgeous island? Bananas falling off trees, no school, hammmocks and ease?
    Kathleen George

  4. Have you ever heard the saying, 'you can't go back?', Sylvie? Sometimes it's so very true. So why not stay, instead. Start a new life in England and let the others get on with theirs!

  5. Kathleen, I love the idea of the islands. Fun is my middle name
    Erika, love, I like Providence. Perhaps I'll put down roots.
    Thanks, ever so.

  6. Sylvie, dear, don't let anyone deter you from following your star. You have a goal, and you should do everything you can to achieve it!

    ~ Natasha

  7. Natasha, I can cheers to that. You are right, I have a goal, now I am just working on the small details.