Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let's Meet Shelby

by Shelby Carver, from Sheila Connolly's Museum Mysteries

Nell told me it's about time I introduced myself: I'm Shelby Carver. Nell Pratt hired me to fill her shoes when she got bumped up to President of the Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society. Pretty big shoes–everybody likes Nell because she's easy to get along with and she's smart. In my experience those two don't always go together.

I was kind of surprised that she gave me the job at all. For one thing (and around here it's a big thing), I'm not from Philadelphia, or even Pennsylvania, which is clear the moment I open my mouth. No, ma'am, I'm from the South–Virginia–and proud of it. Actually that comes in kind of handy, because when I'm talking to people around the city here, I can ask all sorts of questions about who's who and what's what. (Just because I'm blonde doesn't mean I'm dumb, thank you very much.)

For another thing, I didn't have a whole lot of experience in fundraising, and I kind of, uh, enhanced my credentials when I applied for the job. Luckily Nell and I hit it off from the start, but it was hard when I had to admit that I hadn't been entirely truthful in the beginning. She forgave me, bless her heart. I really do like this job.

Well, most of it. Nell keeps getting herself in the middle of things–like murder investigations. It's not like she goes looking for them, but they happen, more often than you'd think. Now and then I get to help her figure out what happened, because I inherited all her files (we keep a lot of information about a lot of people!), and I'm pretty good at using the Internet to fill in the gaps. Besides, it's fun–it's more interesting tracking down a thief or a killer than trying to come up with six new ways to ask "give me your money."

Mostly I'm happy to help Nell, because she's "good people." She's still finding her way around her new job, which would be easier without these pesky crimes, but she's settling in well. Heck, with me as her trusty sidekick, how can she go wrong?

So, y'all come visit the Society, you hear? There are some real nice people working here, and they'd love to show you around.


  1. Shelby, your files sound verrrrry interesting. Keep them locked up!

  2. What fun! I've always loved museums and will have to get the inside scoop on them from you, Shelby!

  3. Shelby, I have a good friend named Shelby. I love the name! Those files you have...could they implicate a lot of folks? Like, do you have dirt? I agree with Janet, you'd better keep them under lock and key.


  4. Maybe you shouldn't mention those files to anyone, particularly if you put them under lock and key ans have the key.

  5. Hi Shelby,

    You are a blessing to Nell and I'm glad you're able to fill in the gap and give her a hand.

  6. Hey, Shelby! I agree that you are a blessing. I love this museum series and am looking forward to seeing what Nell gets up to next (with a little help from her friends)