Friday, September 30, 2011

Of Mice and Men

By Godfrey (Cloakcrafter extraordinaire) and Pepe (master clothier) from Heather Blake’s It Takes a Witch (coming in January 2012)

Pepe: Ahem. That should be Pepe and Godfrey. Does no one respect their elders anymore? Non.
Godfrey (with a sly smile): Perhaps you are correct--it should be Pepe and Godfrey. Age before beauty, my friend. You are over two hundred years old.
Pepe: [creative French swearing deleted by Heather since this is a PG blog.]
Godfrey: No one likes a cranky mouse.
Pepe: I am not a mouse. I am a familiar. There is a difference, mon ami.
Godfrey: A mouse familiar.
Pepe (twirling his mustache): At least I have not been referred to as a “rat-toad bottom dweller.”
Godfrey: You had to bring that up, didn’t you?
Pepe: What are friends for?
Godfrey: Speaking of friends, I have much happiness that we were able to help that lovely Darcy Merriweather solve a crime.
Pepe: Le sigh. Darcy.
Godfrey: Pull yourself together, my friend.
Pepe: At least I am not delusional.
Godfrey (outraged): Delusional! How so?
Pepe: Our involvement in solving the murder of Alexandra Shively was minimal.
Godfrey: Must you ruin all my fun?
Pepe: Oui.
Godfrey: Two can play that game. Unfortunately for you, little mouse, Darcy only has eyes for Nick Sawyer.
Pepe: I am reexamining our friendship.
Godfrey: Again?
Pepe: With age comes wisdom.
Godfrey (with a loud guffaw): Then you must be a genius.
[Pepe starts chasing Godfrey, chomping his sharp teeth menacingly at his ankle. Godfrey screams like a little girl.]
Heather: I’m putting a stop to this conversation before someone gets hurt. If you want to read more about Godfrey’s and Pepe’s friendship, check out It Takes a Witch, coming in January.
Pepe, as drawn by Heather's daughter.


  1. oh man, I can't wait to read this book.

  2. Dru Ann, you may get that wish sooner than you think!

  3. Can't birthday is in January...ago my birthday gift to me...hurry, hurry, hurry ;)

  4. Dumb auto
    So...not ago *so its my birthday gift to me ;)

  5. I love the picture of Pepe!! So good!

  6. Pepe, you are adorable. Please come to Threadville and help me sew those little tiny beads on everything.

  7. This sounds delightful...looking forward to reading about the crime-solving adventures.

  8. This is wonderful! I love the cover, and Pepe is adorable! Heather's daughter is unbelievably talented. I'm sure Pepe is thrilled with his portrait. What a great new series!

    ~ Krista

  9. Fun! Pepe and Godfrey, you are both adorable. Can't wait to read that book!

  10. I cannot wait to read this book, too!!!!

  11. I love the drawing! And I love this book!


  12. Thanks, everyone! I will pass the compliments onto my daughter--I wish I could draw nearly half as well as she can. And I can't wait to share this book with everyone, too. Very excited to see it hit bookshelves.