Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This time we have to make it work

A desperate plea by Sally Januscek from the Charlotte Adams mysteries by Mary Jane Maffini

This is Sally Januscek calling on you for help. Again. Not for me, of course. My life is pretty well perfect. I have four beautiful pre-schoolers and a husband who treats me well (although he is a bit distracted by his medical practice and works a lot of nights). But as I said, this is not about me. It’s about my friends Charlotte Adams and Jack Reilly. They’re in love and they don’t know it. They need a serious nudge in the direction of the altar. I know we’ve had this talk before, but nothing has changed. We need a new plan and it’s time to take action.

Dallas! Don’t put that gum near your sister’s hair. Remember what happened the last time? Oh, don’t cry, Shenandoah. Mummy will get it out. Now where did I hide the scissors?

Where was I? Oh yes. If ever there were two people who were meant to be together, they are Charlotte and Jack. They’ve been friends since childhood. They share a house, but not as a couple. They have each risked their lives to save the other. In fact, once— No! Madison, honey, don’t put the fork in the socket! Who took out the plug covers?

Right, okay, yes, Jack and Charlotte, or Charlotte and Jack if you prefer. Shouldn’t they let themselves have a chance at happiness? What’s holding them back?

I know that Charlotte is a bit uptight, but she has a good heart and Jack loves babies, in fact he is absolutely baby crazy. He'd love a house full of them!

I’ve never seen a man so suited for fatherhood. They’ve both been great to me, babysitting while I do some yoga to get the kinks out. I just know they’d be wonderful together, every bit as happy as I am. That is why I am proposing an intervention. I hope you will join me here in my home, when we try to bring them to their senses. We'll get them here, lock the doors and speak our minds. No more Mrs. Nice Guy.

Why it’s – excuse me— Is that water running in the bathroom? Who’s in there? Savannah? Where are you? What’s all that over the floor? It’s running down the stairs! Not again.

Sorry. Gotta run. Luckily I have the plumber on speed dial. No, baby, don’t put the pussycat in the—

I’d love to tell you more about Charlotte and Jack, but you see my problem. So before we finalize the details of the intervention, why don’t you get to know them in The Charlotte Adams Mysteries. The fifth and latest is The Busy Woman’s Guide to Murder.

In the meantime, other advice? Suggestions? A plunger?

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  1. I think an intervention's rather drastic, Sally. Especially with all the little ones running around. I sort of got the feeling Charlotte's starting to realize what a good thing she's got with Jack. Maybe they just need the right setting...a romantic dinner for two -- no phones, no cute little dogs, no murders.....just saying.

  2. Hmm. Must give this some thought. I don't suppose you have a plunger handy?

  3. You can't hurry love... isn't that what Diana Ross said??

  4. Sounds like you need more than a plunger, and yes, an intervention is definitely needed. Maybe it won't take long. They just need their eyes opened.

  5. I look forward to those two getting together. They seem perfect for each other. Now, where did I put that plunger? Good luck!

  6. Um, plunging the cat probably isn't a good idea.

    Could you make up an excuse to send them to a romantic destination and then sort of strand them there?

    ~ Krista

  7. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. Appreciated. I'll keep at it, but our author is no help at all!