Monday, January 9, 2012

It Was a Crime of Passion

Jake Del Vecchio from The Devereaux's Dime Store mysteries by Denise Swanson

My name is Jake Del Vecchio and I’m supposed to be helping my great Uncle Tony on his cattle ranch outside of Shadow Bend, Missouri while my leg heals and I’m able to return to duty as a U.S. Marshal. I was wounded in the line of duty and the docs are real sure that I’ll ever be able to pass the physical exam for active duty again, but I have to think positive. Being a U.S. Marshal is all I ever wanted to do.

That is until I met Devereaux Sinclair. The first time I laid eyes on her, I thought she was beautiful and smart and sexy, but she was also the principal suspect in a murder case. Which is how I got involved. Her grandmother, Birdie, and Uncle Tony, had a thing in high school. Then he went off to fight the Korean War, went MIA, and Birdie married someone else. But Uncle Tony has always had a soft spot for Birdie—maybe more—who knows? He sure isn’t talking. Anyway, Birdie asked Tony to ask me to help Devereaux prove she was innocent, and since Tony has been more a father to me than my own ever was, I said yes.

Devereaux wasn’t sure she wanted my help, but she couldn’t deny she needed it. She also couldn’t deny the chemistry between us. Neither could I, but I knew I was leaving Shadow Bend as soon as I healed and I was pretty damn sure she wasn’t the type of woman who’d be happy with a casual affair. So I tried to keep my distance.

Even when we ended up in the honeymoon suite of a fancy hotel, I did my best to keep my hands off of her—but I won’t go into what happened then. I will tell you that I didn’t succeed, and once I touched her—wooie!

You can read all about it in Little Shop of Homicide, which debuts March 6th.

How about you? Was there ever someone you were pretty sure was the one, but life got in the way?


  1. Hi Jake,

    Something tells me that you'll be in Shadow Bend longer than you think.

  2. Dru, honey, I'm thinking you might be right.


  3. I agree with Dru. Sounds like I'm going to enjoy meeting you, Jake!

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  5. Love the cover and am very intrigued by the story... Now I have to add it to my master list of new books coming out. I'll be watching you Jake, I hope you like libraries. LOL