Monday, March 5, 2012

Authors . . .Sheesh!

By Pepper Martin, PI to the dead, and star of the Pepper Martin mystery series by Casey Daniels

What’s with authors anyway?

I mean they’re all about writing books, right? And before they’re published, it’s all they talk about, all they dream about. They attend workshops, and join writers’ organizations. They work way harder than any person in his (or her) right mind should, staying up late, getting out of bed early, using any extra minutes to write, write, write.

And then it happens–publication. A first contract is followed by another. And another. Book after book comes out, and I’ll tell you what, those authors are still working hard, but in addition to all that write, write, write stuff, they’ve now got promotions and publicity to add to the list.

Still, a dream is a dream, and authors have to keep dreaming. It’s the only way they can keep those story ideas coming. They have to believe, too, the way few other people do, in those crazy dreams and in their own abilities to not only come up with a good story, but to craft it in a way that’s interesting and write it so that readers just can’t put down their book.

I get all that. Really. After all, without authors, none of us Killer Characters would exist.

What I don’t get it why when writing is so important to them, and story is everything, and they think about us 24/7, they’re always so happy to get another book done.

I mean, come on, that big whoop you heard on Friday? That was my author, Casey Daniels (who also writes as Kylie Logan) celebrating as she finished "Panic Button," the third book in her Button Box mystery series.
And what’s she going to do to mark the occasion? From what I’ve heard . . . start another book.

Authors. Go figure.


  1. Pepper, you have to understand that writing is an addiction. Interventions are useless and there is no medication that works. All you can do is be supportive and helpful to your writer.

  2. Think of it this way, Pepper -- your author is getting your continuing story out there to all those readers who love you!

  3. For some reason, this post made my author laugh. And we both love the title Panic Button!

  4. Yup, we're all a little bent in the brain box. But I, for one, am glad authors are crazy. It makes them (and me) write more wonderful books to read!

  5. Pepper here . . .

    Addiction I understand. At least when it comes to shoes, purses, or the latest in casual wear. Writing? Not so much! Honestly, there has to be an easier way to make a living!

  6. There's a sadness too, though, when the book is done, isn't there? I'm a few days away from that point, and when I woke up in the middle of last night and my thoughts instantly zapped to the scene I'd be working on today, the thought followed: In a few days, I won't be doing this for a while. And I felt a real sorrow.

    That's probably worth a sheesh, too!

  7. Casey shoving Pepper aside for a moment...I never feel sad, Jenny! That probably says something about me. I always feel nothing but overwhelming relief...right before I get excited about starting the next project.