Sunday, April 8, 2012

by Kelly Flynn from Maggie Sefton's

New York Times Bestselling Knitting Mysteries,

UNRAVELED, June 2011, 9th in series

Hi, everyone---Sorry I'm late sending this update. I am waaaaay swamped with work. Plus, the Gang (Megan & Marty, Lisa & Greg, Jennifer & Pete) and I were out in Old Town last night. Even Steve was there. We were actually celebrataing Megan finally nailing down the last detail on her "List." That list is Megan's record of all the people, orders, and arrangements necessary in order for The Wedding to take place in a few months.

A few months, you might ask? Yeah. . .we did, too. We kept telling Megan she had plenty of time to get everything done, but Megan. . .well, does the word "anal" give you a clue? Uh, huh. That's our Megan. She had to nail down EVERYTHING or there would be no living with her.

Hey, I'm kind of anal. . .all right, all right, I'm a LOT anal myself, so I understand. But Megan is waaaaaaaay more. Thank goodness, Mother Mimi is there to help. And playing in our softball league games helps Megan's "stress level." Anytime super-competitive Megan walks onto a ball field, she relaxes. Well, to be honest, so do I. That's one of the great things about sports, I guess. Not only is it fun, but you get to "blow off" a lot of stress---job stress, whatever.

Do you have any favorite sports? Or, maybe you work out? What's your favorite "sports-like" stress reliever?


  1. Kelli,

    I can't wait for the return of you and the whole gang! I also look forward to hearing all about Megan's wedding, even if she has been anal while planning it!

    I like to do things like roller skating to kep in shape and relieve stress. It's way more fun than circuit training or treadmills and it reminds me of being a kid!

  2. A walk is the best stress reliever there is!

  3. I love to walk to relieve stress!

    This looks like a great series! =)