Wednesday, March 7, 2012


By Lizzie Turner from A Killer Read, the first in the Ashton Corners Book Club mysteries, coming April, 2012

Lizzie, here today and I’m already getting hugely excited! April 3 is the release date for A Killer Read, the first official appearance I and the Ashton Corners Book Club gang will be making.

Of course, we’ve been visiting here with y’all on Killer Characters for many, many months now. But it’s something special, having a first book release! I know that Erika is real excited too, although at the moment she’s hunkering down and finishing off the third book in the series. I know she had us doing some major sleuthing because of course, there’s another body. Maybe more. I’m not really supposed to say. Nor can I say if the FBI get involved.

And the second book, called Read and Buried, will be out just in time for Christmas, which is good because that’s when it takes place. It’s my favorite time of year even with a murderer on the loose. Oops, not supposed to tell too much about that one either. Sorry! I can tell y'all there will be lots of good books on our reading lists!

Got to get back into the action now…Erika needs some inspiration!

Next time we meet, A Killer Read will be a done deal and I’m really hoping y’all enjoy reading it!

So, what are you reading right now?

A Killer Read is available now for pre-order.
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  1. I'm reading this month's releases from our characters' club--Fire Engine Dead by Sheila Connolly and Little Shop of Homicide by Denise Swanson.

  2. Looking forward to this book. I'm reading Murder Buys a T-shirt by Christy Fifield, the first in the new Haunted Souvenir Shop series.

  3. They're all on my TBR pile, too. Great suggestions!

  4. Lizzie, I should warn you that authors can get a little giddy and silly when their books actually come out. They come up with the weirdest plot ideas. Maybe you should lay in some chocolate and wine for her . . .

    ~ Sophie

  5. I like that idea...thanks Sophie!

  6. Sophie, very good plan! I'm trotting out to purchase supplies for my author too--she's off the wall half the time.

    I think she's reading FILE M FOR MURDER by Miranda James. She was complaining last night that her cat, Yoda, is not as friendly as Diesel. (Yoda says, if you want a cat that acts like a dog, why not just get a dog?)

    Have fun with your first book--there's really nothing like it! Love, Hayley Snow

  7. Love this cover... the laptop with the gun on it... killer!

  8. Thanks for the blog, Lizzie. Maybe there's a "Be Kind to Your Authors" movement afoot now.
    Lizzie wants me to pass along thanks to Hayley -- we're all planning on having a lot of fun once it's out. And to Victoria -- I love the cover, too -- it really captures the book.

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