Monday, March 12, 2012

Easy Easter Cake

by Daphne Martin, of Killer Sweet Tooth by Gayle Trent

This time of year, I begin getting inundated with cake orders. That's a great thing. Trust me, I'm not complaining! I've just finished with St. Valentine's Day cakes, I'm filling orders for St. Patrick's Day cakes, and I've also got birthdays, weddings, and anniversary cakes to make. But every week I've got to fill at least one ten-cake order for the Save-A-Buck, my local grocer who doesn't have an in-store bakery.

Cakes for Save-A-Buck are generally easy. I do sheet cakes or round layer cakes in a variety of flavors. When holidays roll around, it becomes a little trickier to make pretty cakes in a hurry.

I know that many of you are also busy bees this time of year but that you like to make fun, holiday desserts. So let me help you out with your Easter cake. The absolute easiest Easter cake you can make is the Bunny With a Bow Tie. Bake your cake in two round pans (as if you were making a two-layer cake). Use one round cake as your bunny's head, like so: O. Cut the other round cake like this ) ( so that you have two ears () () and a...I don't see anything on my keyboard to make a bow tie with, but if you carve out the ears and put the other part under the bunny's chin, you'll have it. :) Then you frost the cake with white icing, cover it in coconut, give the bunny some jelly bean eyes and a nose, and decorate his bow tie. Easy, peasy!

What are your favorite baking cheats?


  1. Thanks Daphne! That sounds like a yummy cake. My diva will love it :-)

  2. Keyboard shortcuts to cake-cutting! I love it.

  3. You'd think with all the emoticons, they'd make a bow-tie button! ;) This cake is much easier than using the 3D pan. I made a 3D bunny last year, and my daughter called it Frankenbunny!

  4. Baking cheats? Perish the thought. I do love your explanation of the bunny cake! Very creative. You know, Frankenbunny could be quite handy at Halloween!

    ~ Natasha

  5. My baking cheats -- picking up something at the bakery!

    1. I'm with you, Erika! The bakery does a lovely job. I don't. :)

  6. You give a wonderful how-to description!

  7. The bakery is my preferred method of getting cake.