Saturday, March 24, 2012


by Kate Connolly from Diana Orgain's Maternal Instincts Mystery Series

Holy smokes, did you know that after snowboarding and sledding the activity associated with the highest number of injuries requiring emergency department visits is hiking?

Hmmm, I had no idea hiking was so dangerous. But someone knew.

After all, that’s how my latest case ended up dead and I’m betting it wasn’t as accidental as some people claim (a.k.a. homicide inspector McNearny). So, McNearny and I are at odds again –nothing new there.

Oh, and my Mom wants to audition to be in play. And that’s not the worst part about it – the playwright is actually a P.I. who has landed the investigation instead of me. But I’m not bitter, not at all. I know Mom only wants to be in the show because the playwright, Vicente Domingo, is sexy as hell. (I’ve nick-named him VD) – but that’s only because I’m bitter.

Wait. No. I didn’t mean that.

I’m grateful, actually, let him take the case. Let Mom be in the play even. It will get them all out of my hair and I can focus on my darling Laurie. We’ll cuddle and coo at each other and…ummm…we can do lots of things together, like shop.

Hmmm…I wonder if I should tell McNearny or VD that when I hiked up to the Lands End I noticed the trail scene warning people away from painted rock cliff had been tampered with…


  1. Ooooh, well, hmmmm...I'd be tempted to tell VD just because I'd want him there with me :-) Yum yum! Yet, it would be fun to show them all by solving the case yourself. Good luck to you!

  2. Don't go up there by yourself again! Too dangerous.

  3. Well, I do think you ought to tell VD that you have something important to tell him. In private. Alone.

  4. Talk about complications! Maybe your Mom can get some info out of VD if she lands the role.

  5. Why are there so many injuries when hiking? Twisted ankles?

    ~ Krista

  6. See how you all are? I knew you would love VD! Remember I'm happily married, but I can't say the same for my friend whose boyfriend got killed while hiking, she is most eager to talk with VD! I will have to solve the case again, if only to keep me from buying to many little dresses for Laurie!

  7. Oh -and Opal - thank you for your concern about my safety!

  8. Snowboarding, sledding, hiking... Exercise is simply bad for your health. Too dangerous. Better to just stay at home--in bed!