Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Killer Island

By: The Island of St. John From: ADRIFT ON ST JOHN, the first book in the new Mystery in the Islands series. Publication Date: March, 2012

Author: Rebecca M. Hale

I am beautiful, stunning, drop dead gorgeous – at least, that’s what the tourists say the first time they drive past the pristine beaches on my north shore. They’ve found a tropical paradise, they gush. A place they never want to leave.

They’re on vacation, so they see what they want to see.

A few days to a week later, those same tourists often take a different view. Now bearing welt marks on their arms and legs from the tiny biting gnats that feed on new arrivals – infamously known as ‘No-See-Ums’ – and painful sunburns in odd-shaped swatches of skin that their sunscreen missed, they’re more than happy to head home to recuperate. They pack up their suitcases, roll them onto the ferry, and wave goodbye.

I never worry. I know they’ll be back again next year.

If you look past the glossy vacation veneer and listen a little closer, you can hear the voices of my long-term residents: the ex-pats sitting around the Dumpster Table outside the local dive bar, the truck taxi drivers gathered at the picnic tables in the Trunk Bay parking lot, the housemaids chattering in their break room at the resort, and the day workers congregating near the Freedom Memorial in front of the ferry building.

Each of these groups will tell you something different about me, something deeper, more complex. Their lives have all been forcibly shaped by my rugged terrain, my remote location, my harsh environment…and my tragic history.

The ghosts from my dark past still roam the imaginations of many of the people who live here. Perhaps a few of those spirits are more than imagination – but I’ll never tell.

You’ll have to see for yourself.

* * * * *

Each book in the Mystery in the Islands series explores a different Caribbean island. While the cast of characters varies from one location to the next, the unifying theme, and the central focus of each book, is the island itself. The second book in the series, AFOOT ON ST CROIX, is scheduled for 2013 release.


  1. I love the white sands and the blue ocean of your island.

  2. Drop-dead gorgeous. That pretty well sums it up . . .

  3. I can almost hear the waves lapping the shore...

  4. What a wonderful concept for a series. Sun, sand and something sinister! Looking forward to reading it.

  5. Thanks all! I like to travel there in my head as much as possible :)