Saturday, March 17, 2012

The luck of the Irish - and everyone else

by Savannah Martin, from Jenna Bennett's Cutthroat Business mysteries

Greetings from McCreary's Pub in Franklin, Tennessee, about halfway between where I live in Nashville, and where I grew up, in a little town called Sweetwater, just south of Columbia.

I'm not Irish myself. There are Irish Martins - or Mhartains, Mairtins, and Martyns; the last of
which were counted among the Tribes of Galway - but the Martins of Sweetwater hail from France. And while mother would love to believe that we're something special, the truth is that with over 230,000 French people holding the surname Martin, it is the most common surname in France.

My boyfriend isn't Irish, either, although he's as common as they come. Collier is an English name; in the old days, a collier was someone who made or sold charcoal. I have no idea when the first Collier came to the U.S., but as far as Sweetwater's concerned, the Colliers have always been white trash. And then LaDonna compounded that offense by getting herself in the family way at fourteen. By a colored boy.

Rafe is the product of that liaison. Anglo-Saxon on his mother's side, and black on his father's, from some place like Africa or the Caribbean, I imagine. Not so much as an Irish bone in his body. He does love his beer, though; as much as the next Harley-Davidson-riding, leather-jacket-wearing, Southern bad boy. On St. Patrick's Day we have to go to an Irish pub. Rafe has to have his beer - green of course, for the occasion - and I usually can't resist the fish and chips. I know that eating it is just like applying the fat directly to my hips, and that mother would be shocked to see me nibble on fries and sipping anything but the finest cabernet - or in a pinch, sweet tea - but then I defied my mother over Rafe, so I don't have so much of a problem defying her over fish and chips anymore.

Anyway, those are our big plans for the day. Beer, fish and chips, Irish folk music, and then back to my apartment to continue the celebration. As Rafe puts it, he expects to get lucky. As far as I'm concerned, I already got lucky when I got him.

So what about you? Any big plans for St. Patrick's Day? Green beer? Fish and chips? Getting lucky?   

* * *

Savannah Martin and Rafe Collier first made their appearances in A Cutthroat Business, in June 2010. Since then, they've been back in four more books, the last of which - A Done Deal - was released just before Christmas 2011. All the Cutthroat Business mysteries are available from Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, iBooks, and various other online e-tailers, big and small.  


  1. Hoping not to get pinched! Husband is in Memphis, right now, so maybe we'll make something green for dinner, but that's about it for us. no green beer or fish and chips. Love the new cover look!

  2. I might have some wine..
    Love Fish and chips!

    Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!

  3. I could have had fish and chips and didn't think of it. Love the new book cover.

  4. Staying off roads. Alcohol related deaths rise, according to news reports, from 1/3 to 37% on St. Pat's day.