Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness in Divinity

Sunshine Meadows of
CORPSE IN THE CRYSTAL BALL (book 2 of the Fortune Teller Mysteries) by Kari Lee Townsend
Available for pre-order now with a release date of June 5th!

Hey, guys, Sunny here. And boy, is it ever sunny in New York right now. We've had the craziest winter with hardly any snow. That is unheard of in my quaint little upstate New York town called Divinity.

Now it's March. We hit eighty degress already. Personally, I love the warm temps. Detective Grumpy pants? Not so much!

Maybe that's because there's all kinds of March Madness going on, and I'm not just talking about basketball, folks. Mayhem and murder are in the air.


I am only trying to help, but Detective Mitch Stone throws such a fit. When will he learn that we make a great team? And this time he's the one who's landed himself in a heap of trouble when his ex-girlfriend turns up dead. Will he stand aside and let me do what I do best? The stubborn knucklhead has no idea I'm doing this all for him.


Anyway, happy spring everyone. Ignore the stuff that drives you crazy, and embrace the sunshine :-)

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  1. Sunny, I'm looking forward to more adventures with you and Detective Grumpy. I'm sensing he's going to find out that you're the best thing that has happened to him.

  2. I like the advice to embrace the sunshine, and I LOVE this cover... so beautiful!

  3. Also love "ignore the stuff that makes you crazy!" Such good advice. And the cover, I agree, is stunning!

  4. Wouldn't a long spring be wonderful, with lots of flowers?

  5. Thanks Dru...I'm hoping Mitch finally wakes up! And thanks Victoria and Lucy! My author got lucky when the fabulous team at Berkley came up with this cover :-) My cat Morty looks exactly like his gorgeous self. I'm with you, Naomi, it would be lovely to have a nice long spring.

  6. Yippeeeeee!!!!! And its my anniversary also. Guess I know where I will be going that day and how I will be spending it. Not with Hubby(darn he has to work) , but with a new fantastic book.
    Thanks Kari for a fantastic new series, I love them so far.

  7. Uh oh. It's never a good thing to murder a cop's girlfriend!

    ~ Sophie

  8. Awww thanks Anonymous :-) Glad you love my series so far! And bummer your hubby won't be around on your anniversary, but glad Sunny and Mitch can keep you company :-)

    And yeah, Sophie, you don't wan't to mess with a cop, especially Mitch.