Saturday, April 7, 2012

Launch time!

By Lizzie Turner from A Killer Read, the first in the Ashton Corners Book Club mysteries by Erika Chase

Woohoo – we’re out on the shelves in the bookstores. It’s really happened and we’re giving Erika the day off to celebrate. In fact, she’s been celebrating for about a week now. And she’s planning to continue. Her launch is coming up on Thurs., April 19th.

Do you think we’re invited? Ugh-ugh.

Of course, the books will be there but that’s not really like we’ll be there in person. I’d love to get all dressed up – I’ve got a brand new black crocheted dress and some black and white snakeskin stiletto heels just begging to strut around a launch. Of course, I’d have to practice walking in them first because I’m really a flats kinda gal.

And Mark Dreyfus…he’s the police chief in Ashton Corners and my guy! He looks real handsome when he’s all dressed up for an evening out. Of course, he looks just great in his police uniform, too.

Maybe we should conspire to get there. Molly Mathews could go with Bob Miller. For a seventy-two year old, she draws attention whenever she steps in a room and Bob, well, he’s Bob and they make a lovely couple. Jacob Smith would bring Sally-Jo Baker, of course. He’s been eyeing her right from chapter one. And Stephanie Lowe would love a night out before the baby’s due. Andie Mason would have fun coming with her, I’m sure.

I wonder if we could pull it off? Now that we’ve solved that horrid murder, we deserve a celebration, too. Of course, Erika’s gone and tangled us up in another mystery so we’re awfully busy trying to puzzle that one out. And that means another launch in November when Read and Buried will be out. So, maybe just maybe, we can do some scheming by then. Surely, this new murderer will be behind bars by that time.

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  1. Please don't tell Erika I said so, but you're the stars! Of course you should go. I want to see those snakeskin heels! Besides, I bet she talks about you nonstop at her launch party!

    ~ Sophie

  2. Lizzie you should definitely go and bring the gang with you.

  3. Ohhh, sounds like fun! I want to go. The book sounds great as well :-)

  4. I'll be there. You can come with me.