Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tax Time!

by Marcy Singer of The Long Stitch Goodnight, by Amanda Lee

You probably think it's weird for an embroidery shop owner to be reminding you about tax time, right? But I was an accountant in San Francisco for years before I followed my dream and opened the Seven-Year Stitch. A lot of people know that, but many others don't. I recently used someone's ignorance of my past career to my advantage when I needed to talk with an economics professor. (Trust me, that one came back to bite me squarely on the butt!)

See, Todd had a Saint Patrick's Day party and reunion for his fraternity brothers. He held the party at the Brew Crew, so naturally, most of them got plastered. At the end of the evening, one of the frat boys was dead; and Blake and Todd were the only ones in the room with him when he died.

Not being at the party ourselves and desperate to clear Blake and Todd of a murder we knew they didn't commit, Sadie and I had to talk with the people who were there to find out what really happened. Okay, mostly, I had to talk with them. Sadie was pretty much trying to find an attorney, run MacKenzies' Mochas by herself, and avoid a nervous breakdown.

Since I figured one of the frat boys was likely the murderer, I didn't want to come right out and reveal my real reason for wanting to talk with these men. One was an economics professor, so I asked him to give me some tax tips. Naturally, that big-mouthed Keira who hates the very ground I walk on, told the guy that I'd been an accountant in San Francisco. He thought I was using the ruse to try to seduce him! Grrr! I finally had to break down and tell him the truth. He had a harder time buying the truth than he did the seduction ploy.

Still, I know some of the readers of this blog are authors, so you can click this link for some sound business advice specifically for writers from Carol Topp, CPA.

So, 'fess up. Have any of you ever been caught in a teensy white lie? If so, how did you handle it?


  1. Thank you for the tax tips, Marcy. I'll have to save them for next year, though. We just mailed our taxes yesterday. Whew! What a load off our mind!

    I'm not saying I've ever been caught in a little white lie, but (if I had) I find that it's best to own up to it and just admit, "You've got me." And laugh it off.

  2. 'White lie'? Yeah, and a few gray ones, too. Shrug and maintain your innocence is the only option.

  3. Even worse is being caught in the wrong place...

  4. It's not white lies when you're trying to save someone from harm or possible trouble, is it?

  5. Teensy white lie? I'm not the type to lie at all, but when someone has been murdered, and I have to get to the truth, well, I've been known to make up a teensy white lie -- or two. But those are extenuating circumstances, don't you think?

    ~ Sophie

  6. Thanks for the mention and link!
    Funny thing is my brother is an economics professor (PhD!) and doesn't know much about taxes! I do his tax return every year! Ha, ha!

    Carol Topp, CPA
    Accountant and author (weird combination I know)