Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reagan Summerside here and it’s spring in Savannah.  The magnolias are in full bloom, the azaleas the size of  a bus, roses everywhere and tourists jamming up traffic and clogging the restaurants. 

The line to Paula’s Deen’s restaurant is around the block and the wait is over two hours! Savannah in the spring is a wonderful place to be, heaven on earth…or is it?
Blackmail is in the air.

Pastor Virgil Franklin is running around with his new deacon, Sissy Collins. Urston Russell is the judge for the Flower show and word has it Raylene Carter is paying him off to win!  

Dinah Corwin, that new TV anchor from Atlanta is in town to report on the Flower Show but is that why she’s really here?  Word has it someone in Savannah broke up her marriage and she’s out to get them.

Spring is wonderful…and deadly.
What is your favorite spring activity? Gardening? Shopping for a new wardrobe? Planning a vacation after a loooong winter? 


  1. My favorite Spring activity is looking at the lovely flower gardens!
    this sounds like a great book!

  2. Sounds like a fun book! I love Savannah!

  3. I love spring gardens too. I think this spring has been the absolute best!! So many wonderful flowers.
    Thanks for chatting Melissa and Joyce. Have a good evening.