Monday, May 21, 2012

It's Victoria Day... What's An American To Do?

By: Jaymie Leighton
From: The Vintage Kitchen Mystery Series
Author: Victoria Hamilton
Book 1 Title: A Deadly Grind
Pub. Date: May 2012
What a weird weekend I'm having... you try being awoken in the middle of the night by a crashing sound, only to find a dead body on your summer porch, and see how you feel! Sorry... I guess that sounded a little cranky, but I have to admit, I'm scared and upset, as much as I'm trying to get past it. We don't even know who the dead body is - was - whatever! - yet.

And on this, my busiest weekend of the year!

Okay, to get my mind off the dead body, and wondering what the man was doing breaking into my summer porch and upsetting the box of teacups and fiddling with my new Hoosier cabinet, I think I'll tell you why this weekend is so busy for me every year.

Queensville, Michigan - aka, my home town - is on the St. Clair River, directly across from a little town in Ontario, Canada called Johnsonville. Being good neighbors, we celebrate each other's special days, and since our town was named in honor of Queen Victoria, the focus of our local heritage society's fund raising year is our annual Tea with the Queen. If the weather is good - and it has been this weekend - we have tea tables set out on the lawn of Stowe House, the oldest house in Queensville; Mrs. Bellwood dons her best black gown and jet beads and presides over the head table. This year was complicated for me by several facts, one of which is that my ex-boyfriend Joel's pretty blonde NEW girlfriend, Heidi, is playing a one of the queen's daughter, Princess Beatrice.

Meanwhile, I'm dressed in nineteenth century maid gear - a black 'stuff' dress down to my ankles - with my hair scraped back. I look like a frump!

But I'm determined not to let all the weird happenings in my little town - besides a murder, strange people are wandering around - upset this weekend's festivities. Never let it be said that a Leighton caved under the pressure of finding a dead body and competing with her ex's new girlfriend. At least Daniel Collins, the millionaire-software company owner who bought Stowe House three years ago, has been really helpful and kind and complimentary, all the things Joel never was. People keep telling me that he likes me, but I don't know about that.
I guess that proves that I'm starting to look at my failed relationship with Joel as a past event.
So anyway, I'm moving on, enjoying looking through some of the old cookbooks I bought. I've even made Queen Elizabeth cake, and am serving it at the tea. The older ladies, especially the ones coming over from Canada, seem to love it!

But... it is still creepy that some poor man was killed right on my back step. I've been having trouble sleeping, knowing there is a killer loose in Queensville.

Tea and murder... what an odd weekend!

Have you ever had the kind of jumbled feeling, good things and bad things and weird things coming at you left, right, and center?
From Victoria Hamilton:
Happy Victoria Day, everyone! Thank you to all the mystery readers out there for the wonderful reception A Deadly Grind, Book 1 of the Vintage Kitchen Mysteries, is receiving!

Library Journal says: "Smartly written and successfully plotted, the debut of this new cozy series set on the U.S.-Canadian border exudes authenticity. I like partnering this title with Sharon Fiffer and Virginia Lowell for both tone and the vintage collecting topics."

Read an excerpt on my website and watch my blog for more blog appearances and posts on vintage kitchen stuff!

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