Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mystery Cat!

Our new mascot!
Every now and then we all need a little facelift.  I don't necessarily mean the surgical kind.  But a bit of sprucing up:  a new jacket, a new hair color, or maybe a new blog banner.

We've had so many wonderful characters (and their authors) join Killer Characters during the last few months that we decided to celebrate by giving our blog a bit of a facelift.

Our new banner is courtesy of a talented young art student . . . we told her what we wanted, and she delivered.  We're in love with our new feline friend and his possible prey, but we haven't given him (or her!) a name.  That's where you come in.  So take a minute to vote for a name for our petite chat.

And we hope you'll stick around and get to know all our fabulous new killer characters!


The poll has closed, and (by a whisker) we have a winner in our "name our mascot" contest.

Drum roll, please ....

Inspector Le Meau!

A fittingly sassy name for our new little friend.  Thank you to all who suggested names and weighed in with the poll!

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