Thursday, June 28, 2012

Buster Speaks!

Buster Healy from MONKEY WRENCH, the fourth in Quilting Mystery series by Terri Thayer

Buster here. This is different. Usually, I never get a word in edgewise. Around these parts, I’m known as Dewey Pellicano’s boyfriend. Ever since Dewey and I got together in WILD GOOSE CHASE, I’ve surrounded by women. Quilters, mostly. Who like to talk. A. Lot.

As an ex-homicide detective, I know how strenuous catching bad guys can be. And how exhilarating. Not that Dewey’s into catching murderers for kicks. Far from it. She’d be happy if she could just run her quilt shop, finish fixing up her house and get married. Did I just say married? Whoops, maybe that’s just me.

Dewey is as loyal as they come. When her friends are in trouble, she will do anything to help. While I’m a loyal guy, too, I understand the dangers she might encounter better than she does. She’s been nearly poisoned, shot at, attacked by a mountain lion. You’d think that would be enough to warn the girl off. Not my Dewey.

Take this last case. She walked into a near riot and stayed because her friend Vangie was there. She talked her way into a pill mill, one of those lowdown places where doctors hand out prescriptions to junkies, to help out her darling Pearl. And the things she’s done for Freddy…don’t get me started.

Thanks for listening. Being a cop can get lonely. Not everyone wants to hear about the rough characters I run into every day. And since my quitling vocabulary is limited to rotary cutter and stippling, my conversations with the quilters can be limited.

I’ll let you in a secret. I’m thinking of asking Dewey to marry me. What do you think? Could I get her to give up her crime fighting ways to be my wife? Should I?

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  1. Buster, I'm picturing you, down on one knee, holding out a diamond ring, and asking her to change her ways so you'll marry her. I'm not sure that would work out the way you hoped...

  2. Well, I wouldn't bet on the 'changing her ways' part... I thought men married women hoping they'd never change, and women married men determined to change them?? LOL.

  3. Willow,

    I think you're right. I'm a traditional guy, so down on one knee sounds about right. And changing her ways...not going to happen! Thanks for commenting.

  4. Victoria,

    You've got that right. I know Dewey has a list a mile long of ways to change me. I'm cool with that.

  5. Buster, I'm picturing you in bed. Er, I mean, in a bed covered with rose petals, proposing to Dewey. Not sure if she'd say yes, though, even though it's clear she loves you. She's an independent gal. Just curious, Buster, what actor would play you in a movie version of this continuing story?

  6. Urp...Unknown, you're embarrassing me. I'm blushing. Rose petals, huh?

    I've been told I look like a young David Boreanz. What do you think?

  7. Buster--I'd rather see you as boyfriend than husband. Dewey might have to change too much to make a marriage work. What fun would it be if she changed?

  8. I promise, llk10, I don't want to change her! I love Dewey just the way she is. Boyfriend or husband, I'm here for the long haul.

  9. Buster, you definitely should ask Dewey to marry you and remember the woman she is is the woman you fell in love with. Do you really want to change that?

  10. Hi Dru! No way, Dewey is the girl for me. I wouldn't change a thing! Thanks for stopping by.