Saturday, June 2, 2012

College Politics


Email from Dr. Charles Klink, Academic Dean of Harshberger College

Subject: New Director of Computer Services
From: Klink, Charles
To: Faculty, Staff

Dear Harshberger College Community,

I’m pleased to report that after a long and arduous search we have hired a new Director of Computer Services. Her name is Chloe Humphrey, and she comes to us from Cleveland where she recently completed a double Master’s degree in Information and Computer Science. Chloe was at the top of her class and is on the cutting edge of academic computing. Please join me in welcoming Chloe when she arrives on campus.

I know it’s been difficult year for the campus with lots of changes and challenges, but I hope Chloe’s arrival with signify a turning of the tide and a new direction for our college community. She will come to us with many new and exciting ideas about how we can run the technology on this campus in a more efficient manner.

Her first assignment will be the restructuring of the computer services department as there have been some issues there in the last year. Nothing to be too concerned about!! I’m sure Chloe will straighten out the department in no time at all. She’s a bright young woman, and I, for one, am excited that she will be joining our staff. I don’t think the tasks I have in store for her are too difficult…


Charles Klink, PhD
Academic Dean
Harshberger College
Appleseed Creek, OH
Email Forward from Joel Schrock, Assistant Director of Computer Services of Harshberger College

Subject: FW: New Director of Computer Services
From: Schrock, Joel
To: Clark, Jonathan; Miller, Darren

She’ll be sorry she took this job.

Joel Schrock
Acting Director of Computer Services
Harshberger College
Appleseed Creek, OH

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  1. Hmmm... foreboding! What exactly does Joel mean?

  2. Watch it, Chloe. I think Joel has it in for you!