Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Digging Up Dirt

Sophie Winston

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Domestic Diva Mysteries

by Krista Davis

My boyfriend, Wolf, is a softie about some things. He's a homicide detective, which means he can be serious in a very scary way. On the other hand, he loves the Blaze climbing rose in my backyard. It reminds him of one at his house that died. Isn't that sweet? A big, tough guy who is sentimental about rose bushes?

We had a little spat, nothing serious, but as a surprise, I thought I'd buy a rose bush and plant it in back of his house where the old one was. Maybe that's not the most romantic thing in the world, but I thought he'd appreciate the gesture.

I took my dog, Daisy, along. Wolf has a nice large backyard with loads of trees. Perfect for a dog to snoop around.

He wasn't home, so I took my time, but that rascally dead rose bush just would not come out of the dirt. No matter how much I dug or how hard I tried. Daisy even helped me dig. And then it happened. The dead roots finally gave way, and I found a purse buried there. No wonder the rosebush died.

It's a good leather purse. Expensive! And it has his missing wife's driver's license inside it. His wife has been missing for years. What do I do now?

Who buries a purse in a garden? I didn't just dig up the dirt, I dug up a nightmare.

Help! What would you do?

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  1. OMG, what a dilemma!! Confront him? Tell another cop? Rebury it and pretend it never happened??

    I think I would replant the dead rose and, when he's there, tell him that I've got him a rose... why don't we dig up the dead bush together and plant the new one? Then I'd watch what he says... that would tell me everything.

    I neeeed to know what happens now!!

  2. Oh, Victoria, what a great idea! Only one potential problem with your suggestion -- what if he buries my purse there, too? No, he would never do that! Would he?

    ~ Sophie

  3. Wow, Sophie. It can't get much worse than this! What a fright...but I like Victoria's idea. Unless you just come out and ask him about it. Not confrontational but concerned, which you are! Good luck.

  4. Sophie, that is a pickle. I like to confront things head-on, but then I back off for fear of chasing someone away. OTOH, there are things I need to ask Jordan. I'm paying attention to the answers today. Wishing you loads of luck.

    Charlotte Bessettte

  5. Oh, I'd do what Victoria suggested. But have another friend along with you at the time....just in case:)