Thursday, June 14, 2012

It’s Just Like a Movie!

Sidney Thomas from the Falcone and Driscoll Investigation series by Alice Loweecey

I never thought I’d like an office job, you know? I mean, I’d only been a lifeguard before and worked on my family’s alpaca farm. Which kinda was a problem, because alpaca wool makes me itch. But then I got my degree and had a boatload of student loans to pay off, and lifeguarding wasn’t going to cut it. So I answered an ad for an administrative position.

This job is nothing like I expected. I’m helping solve mysteries! The boss, Mr. Driscoll, used to be a policeman but now he’s a Private Investigator. And he made his first admin, Giulia Falcone, his partner. Did you know she used to me a nun? A real-life nun, like in The Sound of Music or Sister Act. Except she isn’t mean like some of those movie nuns. She’s quiet and sweet and Mr. D. really likes her.

I mean, he doesn’t like her just because she’s sweet and pretty, but because she has this instinct when it comes to how bad guys think. She says it’s because she taught high school for eight years. Giulia and Mr. D. ask my opinion a lot, and I work with them putting clues together. They don’t treat me like a faceless grunt the way some of my friends complain about their bosses.

This time Giulia had to go undercover in her old convent. She looked just like Maria from The Sound of Music when I saw her in her nun outfit. There’s something creepy in that convent—there was a maybe-suicide, maybe-murder. She’s been texting me for help with clues, and I got to text her right after my boyfriend proposed! Giulia’s happy for me, but I can tell she’s hating the convent gig and dying to get back to me and Mr. D. Mostly Mr. D., because they like each other. They’re all worried about that office romance thing, which is just silly. I say, if you love each other, who cares if you’re working together?

So I’ve decided that Giulia and Mr. D. totally need to get together. It’d be the perfect romance! I love romance, especially when it’s part of solving the mystery and throwing the bad guys in jail. That’s what happened after the first mystery Giulia and Mr. D. solved together, the one with the creepy stalker and the rich client with all the ex-girlfriends. I think Giulia does, too, even if she’s too shy to admit it. What about you?

Visit Alice at and on Facebook and Twitter. The first two Falcone and Driscoll Investigations are Force of Habit and Back in the Habit. The third, Veiled Threat, comes out February 8, 2013, all from Midnight Ink.


  1. I loved this book (just finished it). It's a fascinating picture of what goes on inside a convent (much like what goes on outside a convent--including crime!). I'll take it on faith (ha!) that Giulia is telling it like it is.

  2. I agree with you about romance, Sidney, and about the possibilities between Giulia and Mr. Driscoll. And best wishes for your own happily-every-after!

  3. A little romance certainly heats up any crime investigation -- I'm all for it!

  4. I don't know why, but I have always loved mystery series with nuns or former nuns as the main characters! This sounds right up my alley.

  5. Sidney says thanks and she's deep into planning her all-natural wedding! Well, her half of it is all-natural. Her fiancee is a carnivore, so they're compromising--a good start to a marriage, yes? And she's got plans to get Giulia and Frank together. She looks innocent, but she has a tiny little bit of devious in her.

  6. I love this series and can't wait for the next one. I agree with you about the romance, especially if Mr D and Giulia get together.