Sunday, June 3, 2012

Peas in a Pod?

by Molly McHale
from Annie Knox's Pet Boutique Mysteries

I have three daughters.  Three lovely, brilliant, exasperating daughters.

My girls--Izzy, Dru, and Lucy--look to be cut from the same cloth:  nearly identical Irish lasses with hair as dark as a moonless night, generous mouths, and wide shamrock-colored eyes.  Yet spend five minutes with them, and you can hardly believe they're related.

Dru's my mother hen, always clucking over every little thing.  Even as a tiny tot she was more responsible than most adults, keeping her dolls and stuffed animals spotless and arranged by size and color on her bed.  Dru's the one who will take care of Ian and me in our old age, the one who will cook the holiday meals when I'm gone, and who will bail out her younger sisters when they get into trouble.  I only hope she remembers to enjoy a bit of her life in between all her self-imposed obligations.

Lucy.  The baby.  She's like a cat, forever landing on her feet no matter what kind of scrape she finds herself in.  I know for a fact she's never kissed the Blarney Stone, but she's certainly got a gift for talking her way out of trouble.  A mother might wish for a child a bit less wild, but she'll be right as rain in the end.  Of that, I have no doubt.

It's my middle child, sweet Isabel, who keeps me up at night.  She's a good girl.  Smart and dear.  But she's made some unfortunate choices over the years, and I feel like she's simply adrift.  If only she could find a purpose, something to really throw herself into.  That's why I'm so excited for her new business, designing clothes and accessories for pets.  Don't tell Izzy, but Ian thinks she's daft.  I'll admit, it's a strange business.  But it's something she seems to love, and that's what Izzy needs.  Something to love.

And someONE to love.  But that's a story for another day.

What about your family?  Are you all alike, or are you as different as night and day?

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