Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Perfect Timing!

By Josie Giancola, amateur sleuth and button expert in Kylie Logan’s newest, "Hot Button."

How often is timing this good? Today, my newest adventure, "Hot Button," book #2 in the Button Box mystery series, hits store and cyber shelves, and since it’s my turn to blog . . . well, it’s just perfect!

Too bad the circumstances surrounding the book aren’t. I mean, they should have been, right? There I was, chairing the annual convention of the International Society of Antique and Vintage Button Collectors, a plum job if ever there was one.

Except for all the problems at the conference. Missing buttons, microphones that didn’t work, nametags that went astray. Not to mention the murder of Thad Wyant, our guest of honor.

Thad was the owner of the one and only historic Geronimo button. Yup, once owned by the famous Native American warrior. You see, when Geronimo was a prisoner of the American government, he was also something of a rock star. He rode in President Theodore Roosevelt’s inaugural parade. He starred in Wild West shows. People came from miles around to visit and when they did, Geronimo (smart guy that he was) made a little extra money by cutting off his buttons and selling them.

Thad was coming to the conference to talk about that button, but now he’s dead, the historic button’s missing, and cute (in a Columbo-like way) detective Nevin Riley wants my help figuring it all out.

Considering how many enemies Thad made over the years in the small and peculiar world of button collecting, something tells me I’m going to have to act fast. Or I may end up becoming history myself.


  1. I really need to come visit your shop!

  2. Oh, my, the guest of honor turning up dead? That can't be a good omen!

  3. Glad Nevin still needs your help! Looking forward to reading this one, too!