Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reading lists ready?

By Lizzie Turner 
from A Killer Read by Erika Chase, an Ashton Corners Book Club Mystery

Just last weekend, my author was on a panel, really more a discussion with well-known thriller writer Linwood Barclay, at the Bloody Words Mystery Conference in Toronto. It was called Community, Family and Crime. It was an unusual panel, looking at almost the opposite ends of the mystery/crime genre and comparing them.

The gist of it was, of course, that these elements were important in both types of mysteries, just handled differently. Not a surprise, really.

But it got me thinking, as I’m sitting here putting together my reading list for Erika (I seem to do a lot of the work around here!) about how there are so many different types of mysteries, which is a good thing because not everyone enjoys reading the same thing.

The members in the Ashton Corners Mystery Readers & Cheese Straws Society submit their reading lists of ten titles and these appear at the end of each book in the series. Mine has mainly cozy writers on it. Go figure. That’s probably why I’m in one and a part of this wonderful book club.

Molly Mathews let me have a peek at hers but it’s heavily into Agatha Christie – again, not a surprise – and other British authors. Bob Miller, well no hope of a cozy there. Every single title each time is a police procedural. Jacob Smith is a bit more flexible and while I don’t see any Killer Character authors on his list, he does do light.

My plan in bribing Andie Mason to join the book club was that she’d get hooked on reading, by reading mysteries. Now, if I could only wean her off the Stephanie Plum character….. And Stephanie Lowe, well, she’s a cozy fan also.

Being a Killer Characters reader, I’m sure y’all have read many of the authors on our lists. Are the cozies your favorites, too?

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  1. I read nearly everything, and I really like cozy mysteries, but I'm not sure about being the protagonist in a whole series of them. I wish my author wrote romance, instead! I have a couple of suggestions for her...

  2. I have dipped into many genres, but always come back to my beloved cozies.

  3. I think your author had better get moving on that romance, Willow! What's that Clay guy up to anyway?

    I'm with you, Mish. Nice to read the others but cozies rock!

  4. I use to read more suspense and thrillers, but now most of the books I read are cozies and/or traditional mysteries.

  5. Mmhm. Cozies are THE mystery to read. Those other mystery sub-genres are okay but they can't beat cozies.