Friday, June 8, 2012

That Woman Is At It Again. . .Invading Our Privacy!

by Kelly Flynn, from CAST ON, KILL OFF,
10th in Maggie Sefton's New York Times Bestselling
Mystery Series

Can you believe it?  That woman who hangs around Lambspun knitting shop---spying on everyone, scribbling and taking notes---has written another book about us!  She left a copy of it on top of the library table the other day. . .accidentally, of course.  CAST ON, KILL OFF is the title, and, would you believe it's the tenth book she's written about us!  Talk about eavesdropping on people.  I had NO idea she'd written that many books about us.   That is seriously scary, guys.   I need to check with Burt and see if she's broken any laws, you know. . .like privacy or something.  Hmmmmmmm.  I'll look into that.  Meanwhile, she left a note with this description she wanted me to post to you today.  You make up your own mind.    

Wedding bells are ringing in Fort Connor, Colorado, and the House of Lambspun knitters are abuzz with excitement. But when a murder interrupts the wedding planning, Kelly Flynn will have to solve this crime fast to ensure the killer doesn’t wind up on the guest list…

Kelly Flynn’s knitting pal, Megan, is about to get hitched, and all the planning is falling into place. Megan has found the perfect seamstress, Zoe Yeager, to create the dresses for Kelly and the other bridesmaids. And each bridesmaid is knitting her own loose-knit shawl to drape over the lovely dresses. But Zoe has more than bolts of fabric and seam-cutters stashed away in her shop—she’s harboring a secret. Bruises on her face show a troubling side of her marriage, and just after she finds the courage to leave her husband, Zoe’s found dead from a single bullet shot.

Though her husband is a key suspect, it turns out there are others who might have had designs on Zoe’s death. One is fellow seamstress Leann O’Hara, who recently discovered Zoe won a bridal gown design contest with one of Leann’s own designs. Now it’s up to Kelly and her knitting pals to use their sleuthing savvy to solve the case, while helping Megan stay cool and collected as the big day approaches. They’ll have to stitch up all the loose ends before they can don their dresses and shawls and escort Megan into the land of happily ever after…


  1. I often sense the presence of an unseen eavesdropper. But you know what? We characters haunt the lives of our authors, too. Heh heh.

  2. Oooh, a wedding and a murder?? Sounds like a FUN combination!

  3. Willow--It sounds like Threadville has some major "woo woo" going on. :)

  4. Victoria---You're right about that. Every time our Gang gets together,

  5. Victoria.....Weird problem with post. Many to say we always manage to have lots of fun. :)

  6. Seems to know about murders before they happen. Scarey.