Monday, July 9, 2012

Cleanliness is Next to Wishfulness

By Darcy Merriweather, a wish-granting witch

From Heather Blake’s Wishcraft Mysteries

Have you seen those hoarding TV shows on TV? I’m a bit of a neatnik anyway, but after watching an episode, I decluttered and purged some more (if only I could convince my aunt Ve to do the same).

Anyway, the closest I ever wanted to get to that kind of environment was my TV remote, but unfortunately, I was hired through Aunt Ve’s company, As You Wish, to clean out a hoarder’s house... The house of a missing woman, a witch known for collecting charms and valuable gems. She vanished over a year ago and there’s been no sign of her since. Now her daughter can’t afford to keep the house, so she hired me.

What was a witch to do but grab some empty boxes, a hazmat suit, and get to work...?

But before I could even start the job, my jobsite became a crime scene when a wish led to the discovery of the woman’s body—beneath the mountains of clutter in her own home.

Now I’m on the hunt for a killer... But first I have to figure out why the woman was killed. Was it because of a love triangle gone wrong? Or because of a magical charm that can grant endless wishes...

Wish me luck!


A Witch Before Dying debuts August 7th


  1. I can't wait for it to come out. Just marked it on my Books To Be Read Calendar. I'll be one of the first to have it ;)

  2. The next first Tuesday ... I'm so excited!

  3. I can't watch those Hoarder shows... they make me twitch! I begin to think that's my future if I don't stop collecting vintage kitchen stuff!!

  4. Darcy, you poor thing! As if cleaning up a hoarder's house weren't bad enough!

  5. This sounds like my kind of book -- the witches and spells and things, not the hoarder. Or the murder. Although, there might be a spell for that.

  6. I so want to read this. I can't watch those hoarder shows, the people who do that are to me very sick or else why would they do that.

  7. Thanks so much, Sue!

    Aimee, I can't believe how soon it will be here.

    Victoria, they make Darcy twitch, too!

  8. Naomi, seriously! Poor Darcy. She's always finding herself in the strangest situations.

    Andie, Darcy needs to brush up on her spells, too. Maybe then she wouldn't be up to her elbows in clutter.

    Nancy, those shows are so very sad. And hard to understand, too. :(

  9. Darcy, what a fascinating job. I bet you find clues to her disappearance in that mess. Wish I were there to help you!

    ~ Sophie