Tuesday, July 24, 2012


by Kate Connolly from Diana Orgain's Maternal Instinct Mystery Series

To Do:
1. Find Killer
2. Buy more diapers
3. Read to Laurie
4. Post Blog

Dear Readers,
As you see I have such a busy schedule these days, that I must bid my farewell to this blog. I've enjoyed posting very much, but as you see from my to-do list - there is much work that must be done and, of course, child-rearing!
If you like want to catch up with me and read my next adventure - you can visit me at www.dianaorgain.com - and I do so hope you will.
Warm Regards,
Kate Connolly


  1. Sad to see you go... good luck in your next chapter...

  2. We'll miss you Kate! love, Lucy and Hayley

  3. It's been so nice having you spend time with us! Good luck with the 'to do' list!