Friday, July 13, 2012

Guess who?

Guess Who?

By the Killer Who Wishes to Remain Anonymous
From Treacherous Toys
By Joyce and Jim Lavene


Over here!

I don't have long to talk.

Lady Jessie Morton has been snooping around, as usual, trying to figure things out. She wasn't even supposed to be here over the holidays. She usually comes to Renaissance Faire Village and Marketplace over the summer hiatus from the university. Not for Christmas.

She's here to help the toymaker in his workshop. How sweet! She'll have a hard time doing that with him in the grave, which is where I mean to send him! I'll lay her out right beside him if she doesn't leave me alone.

All of this forces me to sneak around the Faire, but I'm good at blending in. I know my way around, you see. She won't find me an easy catch.

The Village is filled with lighted windows and singers wandering the cobblestones with their merry tunes. There is even snow falling from the castle every hour! A perfect Christmas postcard for our visitors.


I have to go.

That bloody Lady Jessie and the Bailiff Chase Manhattan might be on to me.

But I have a few tricks up my sleeve that they won't see coming!

Find me yourself in Treacherous Toys
Book #5 in the Renaissance Faire Mysteries
From Berkley Prime Crime
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Everywhere September 4
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  1. A toymaker at Christmas? Maybe you'd better rethink your plans.

  2. great cover and sounds like a terrific read. Really gets me in the mood for Christmas.

  3. Is your name Scrooge? I think this is our first anonymous post. I can see why you would want to hide your identity. Poor Lady Jessie Morton and the toymaker! I hope they figure out who you are before it's too late.

    ~ Krista

  4. Something tells me you won't be a free man - or woman - for long!!

  5. Huzzah! I am too smart to be discovered so easily by giving out my name, Krista! The toymaker, Jessie Morton and Chase Manhattan are doomed! BWAHAHAHA!