Monday, July 16, 2012

Iced Chiffon
Duffy Brown
Berkley Prime Crime

With this being Killer Characters and Iced Chiffon not out till October, I thought it a good ideas to tell who the characters are so you know who’s talking and keep the good guys from the bad guys. 

Reagan Summerside opens a consignment shop in her half-restored Victorian to pay bills. Cherry House is the only good thing to come out of a seven-year marriage to Hollis Beaumont the third since she signed a prenup and Hollis ran off with Cupcake the first.

BUT… there’s always a but… Hollis gets accused of murder and threatens to take Cherry House back to pay his legal bills!

Seeing Hollis rot in jail for all eternity is a nice thought for Reagan but losing her house isn’t so she gets sucked in to finding the real killer.

Auntie KiKi is Reagan’s one and only auntie. When she was born the angels changed cha-cha-cha over her crib and turned her into Savannah’s premo dance instructor. She helps Reagan sleuth about…

Much to the chagrin of Walker Boone. Boone is part lawyer, part once-upon-a-time gang member and fills out a pair of jeans right nice. Reagan hates his guts as he was Hollis’ lawyer in the divorce and Hollis’ attorney now. If Reagan doesn’t find the killer Boone will be the proud owner of Cherry House!

AnnieFritz and Elsie Abbott are neighbors, retired teachers and now professional mourners. The only thing more important in Savannah than a big wedding is a big funeral and no one gets people a weeping and a wailing like the Abbott sisters.

Judge Gloria Summerside (Guillotine Gloria)  is Reagan’s mom and staunch Republican proven by the fact that she named her only off-spring Reagan. Big Joey is part of the 17th Street gang and friends with Boone, knows all and that may include who’s the killer.  

This is the main cast of characters for the series. Bodies come and go, suspects lie and cheat and murder again . The South isn’t so gentile as you think…just ask Reagan. Can you think of some other characters you’d like to see Reagan run into?

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Have a wonderful Savannah day.
Hugs, Duffy 


  1. Oh my, another great sounding series to bury myself in. Can't wait to read it.

  2. Hi, Sue. You are too sweet. Read any good mysteries this summer?

  3. Sounds like terrific fun! :-)

  4. Thanks, Gayle. I had a good time writing it and I had to learn how to speak Savannah.

  5. This sounds like such fun. Can hardly wait to read it!

  6. Thanks, Erika. I think I'm a closet belle at heart. If my kids were't in Cincy I'd so like in the South.
    Then again, it gives me a great place to vacation

  7. I've been looking forward to reading this book and I can't wait.