Sunday, July 22, 2012


by Tatters, from A Sinister Sense, the second in the Raven’s Nest series by Allison Kingsley.

My favorite food is bacon.  One sniff of it frying in a pan and I’m all over the kitchen getting in everyone’s way until someone throws me a piece of it.   I swear I’d give up all of my beefy chew sticks for one whole slice of bacon.  Next to digging holes in the yard or chasing squirrels up a tree, a slice of bacon makes my day.  What?  Oh, didn’t anyone tell you?  I’m a dog.  A big dog.  A very big dog. 

My owner’s ex-wife dumped me after the divorce, and since he couldn’t take care of me I’m living with a very nice lady and her mother.  Clara Quinn’s her name.   The young lady, not her mother.  Her mother’s name is Jessica, though everyone calls her Jessie.  She’s a bit of a fusspot, but we get along okay.  Jessie, I mean.  Not Clara.

Anyway, Clara works at the Raven’s Nest bookstore that’s owned by her cousin, Stephanie.   She and Clara grew up together - more like sisters than cousins.   Speaking of owners, my owner, Rick Sanders, owns the hardware store across the street.  I think he’d like to get cozy with Clara, but for some reason she’s holding him off.  I think it’s because of what happened to her when she lived in New York.  What?  Don’t ask me.  Nobody confides in dogs. 

 To get back to Clara.  She’s inherited what her family calls the Quinn Sense.   It’s a sort of sixth sense where she can tell what someone’s thinking, or has visions about stuff that happened or is about to happen.  There’s one problem.  The Sense is unreliable.  Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not.   It can pop up at any time, making things awkward for Clara, and then just when she needs it the most, it’s not there at all.  Must be frustrating for her.   She’s trying to keep the whole thing secret from everyone except Stephanie. 

The Sense is a family thing, though not everyone in the Quinn family has it.  Much to her disgust and disappointment, Stephanie doesn’t have it and she’s the one who’s into all that paranormal stuff.  She sells mostly books about ghosts, vampires and fantasy worlds, and her favorite author is Edgar Allan Poe.  You should see the life-sized fortune-teller sitting in the store, and the stuffed raven on the light fixture.  I’d love to get my teeth into that one.

Now, where was I?  Oh, yes.  Clara.  She’s a really nice lady, and she cares about Rick a lot, which is why she tries to use the Quinn Sense to save him.  See, Rick’s in trouble.  A dead body turned up in the back of his pickup, and everyone thinks he killed the guy.  Clara and I know he didn’t.   So we’re going to do our very best to find out who did.  What?  Yes, of course I’m going to help her.  I can come in very useful at times.   See, she understands what I’m saying.   Yeah, I know it sounds weird.  But she can read my mind.  Sometimes.  Like I said, the Sense isn’t there all the time.  

What’s that?  My name?  Well, I was named Tatters because I’m sort of big and shaggy, and I guess untidy looking.  Well, excuse me.  No one said I had to look like one of those fancy poodle types with all the fluff and ribbons.  Makes me shudder just to think about it.  Besides, since Clara and Stephanie keep dragging me along on all these adventures, who has time to worry about grooming?   Take me or leave me, that’s what I say.

Anyway, if you’d like to know more about my author, you can visit her website at  and if you want to find out if we manage to save Rick from a fate worse than death, come and visit the Raven’s Nest  in  A Sinister Sense.   While you’re there, perhaps you could throw me a nice piece of bacon?  Woof!   

aka Kate Kingsbury, author 
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  1. Mmmm, bacon. I agree, it's a treat.

  2. We'd love to come help you budge that raven from its light fixture, but we've never had any luck herding birds. And herding their shadows is even trickier. But some bacon would be nice. Woof!

  3. Oh Tatters you're a dog after my own heart as I love bacon too.

  4. Try staring at Clara really hard, Tatters. Maybe the Quinn Sense will kick in and she'll give you TWO slices of bacon. You've probably already thought of that, though, because you're obviously a smart dog and a good dog. Good dog!

  5. Bacon? I'm perking my ears. If I could only open the door of that big box where they keep the bacon. I know my mom would cook it for us. It's probably not bad raw . . .

    ~ Daisy

  6. Just last night I made bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with bleu cheese. Oh, the wonder...