Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence is Underrated!

By Charlotte Bessette
for author Avery Aames

Independence is underrated! We don't realize sometimes that we have it so good. For instance, in my little town of Providence, Ohio, I have the freedom to walk anywhere I want, wear anything I want, talk to anyone I want, date anyone I want.

This is huge!  I take it for granted, and I know I shouldn't. My Grandmother Bernadette, or Grandmere as we all call her, reminds me of this every so often. She and my grandfather lived in war-torn France and fled to America. For freedom. For the right to vote. For the right to voice her opinion. For the right to argue. I have no idea what she lived through, but there are times I see the pain and horror etched in her face.  She is now our town mayor and perhaps the best, most loving person I know.

She worries for me. She thinks I stick my neck out too often. She fears that I give my heart too freely. How can I live otherwise? She would do the same.

Do you value your freedom?

Live freely; give freely; shoot off a firecracker; sing "Yankee Doodle Dandy". Wear something red, white, and blue.

And if you want, eat something red, white, and blue. Here's a link to a yummy dessert recipe with berries and mascarpone cheese!  Fruit au gratin. 

P.S. My author Avery aka Daryl is also blogging at Mystery Lovers Kitchen today and she's giving away a book and a bunch of swag and sharing a delicious cake pop recipe to celebrate the 4th.


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Say cheese!



  1. Freedom is our most precious commodity. Have a great 4th.

  2. It may rain on our parade today, but we need rain, so we'll celebrate that, too!

  3. Dru, I agree. Precious.

    Willow, I think the entire country needs rain at this point. What a hot, hot summer!

    Best to all,

    Charlotte Bessette

  4. Happy July 4th to y'all! We are all blessed to be living on this continent. And, thanks for the tasty recipe!

  5. Thanks for the reminder that our freedom is so precious! Happy fourth of July to everyone!

  6. Erika, thanks for chiming in.
    Victoria, you, too.
    And Maureen! Aren't we lucky? Yes, we are!!!

    All my best,

    Charlotte Bessette