Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our Characters Answer a Question

If you saw a body on the floor, what would you do?

Finding the chocolate can be difficult...
I'd sit down, call KiKi, and then hunt in my purse for chocolate -- Reagan Summerside from Iced Chiffon by Duffy Brown

It might depend on who and where it is. Is that the wrong thing to say? But, really, it might depend on who else is there or who's with me or how long the body's been there or . . . can you tell sometimes I over-think a situation? -- Kath Rutledge from Last Wool and Testament by Molly MacRae

Did you ever try to call 911 when your fingers were shaking? -- Willow Vanderling from Threaded for Trouble by Janet Bolin

Body on floor?  Does that mean cops?  And crime scene photos?  I'll need to check my outfit first.  If I'm going to be immortalized on film, I have to make sure I look just right--Pepper Martin from Wild, Wild Death by Casey Daniels

First things first, and if my button inventory is anywhere nearby, I'm going to take a quick look to see if that's OK.  Then a call to my sweetie, Nevin Riley.  It never hurts to have a cop around--Josie Giancola from Hot Button by Kylie Logan

I'd probably shriek--just a little--then I'd take deep breaths and call the police--praying that Detective Bill Mertz would be the one to show up.  Gigi Fitzgerald from Allergic to Death by Peg Cochran

I'd make sure Aunt Arabella wasn't near by--I'd hate for her to be upset, although I realize she's actually quite tough.  I suppose I'd have to call the police, crossing my fingers they didn't send that idiot Chuck!  Then I'd hope as hard as I could that Brian would stop by so I could lean on his strong shoulders!  Emma Taylor from Murder Unmentionable by Meg London

I'd look to see what he or she was killed with... hopefully NOT a vintage kitchen utensil this time... and depending where it was, I'd call the police and hope Detective Zack was handy! ~::~ Jaymie Leighton from A Deadly Grind by Victoria Hamilton

Tell me it wasn't something they ate! That always makes the cops look at me...Hayley Snow from the Key West food critic mysteries by Lucy Burdette

Oh, gosh, knowing me--if there's nothing like a knife projecting from somewhere out of the body--I'd probably make sure the person was all right, you know? I'd check for a pulse. I can do CPR. If, after all attempts, the person is dead? I'd stifle a scream. Then call Urso. Well, I might not call our illustrious chief of police until I've had a chance to scope out the place for clues. I'm a snoop, what can I say?  ; } Charlotte Bessette from A Cheese Shop Mystery series by Avery Aames

After I finished swearing--why me?  why another body?--I'd probably call James Morrison, my favorite FBI agent, just to give him a heads-up that I've found yet another body, and then I'd call that not-so-friendly police detective I have on speed dial, and then I'd try to figure out if I knew the victim, which unfortunately has been the case more often than not. Nell Pratt from the Museum Mystery series by Sheila Connolly

What I'd like to do is run the other way but what I actually have done is called Mark, my main guy who also happens to be the Police Chief of Ashton Corners and prepare myself for some 'not again!' attitude. Lizzie Turner from the Ashton Corners Book Club Mysteries by Erika Chase.

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