Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Festivals and other good things!

By Lizzie Turner from 
A Killer Read by Erika Chase, an Ashton Corners Book Club mystery

My author, Erika, and I have music in common.

Actually, we have quite a few things in common when I think about it. We both are hooked on almond butter, belong to a book club, devour mysteries, and have two cats. Oh, yes…and we sing in choirs. Huh. I hadn’t realized all that before.

Well, right now she’s off volunteering at a classical music summer festival  and will be at concerts for the next week. I envy her that in spite of all the heat and humidity she’s complaining about.

 In Ashton Corners we have FallFest, our annual fair held in Glendale Park for one weekend each September.  I love the outdoor concerts and second favorite, the food tents. I can add inches around my waist just thinking about it all. We used to have a week-long spring fair also, but that’s dropped by the wayside.

It’s a shame. I’m not sure why it folded.  Maybe they needed more volunteers.   Maybe I should look into it and see if we could revive it which means, I’d have to be prepared to do my bit. Or maybe that’s a project my Literacy students could take on. It would be good practice writing proposals, announcements and the like.

Something to ponder now that summer’s here.

What about your hometown? Do you have fairs or festivals in the summer, or any season? What do you enjoy the most about them?

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  1. Our town has a lot of festivals, including a multicultural one featuring music from around the world! Love the Cuban bands, especially,... all the salsa rythmns! And the food! Empanadas, spanakopita, thai spring rolls... yum!

  2. We have parades, community dinners and picnics,and we're getting ready for the Harvest Festival in August. We have a marching band, too, in red and white uniforms decorated gold braid. Watching the leader/trumpet player in the Fourth of July parade, I didn't notice that my coffee mug tipped until hot liquid rolled off my sandals onto my toes.

  3. We have lots of festivals in the five boroughs and I may attend a few.