Friday, August 10, 2012

Diesel talks Olympics

Diesel from the Cat in the Stacks series by Miranda James

Charlie, my human, has been watching that loud box thing called a TV a lot lately, and I have no idea what he finds so interesting. Just a lot of humans running around doing strange things, and I'd almost give up one of my nine lives to figure out why. Whenever they finish whatever they're doing, and one of them (or a bunch of them) starts hopping up and down or yelling or beating their chests, nobody feeds them.

Frankly I can't see putting out all that effort without a special treat as a reward. I know it amuses humans when I do something silly in order to earn a food treat (I don't think they realize that I'm really manipulating them into feeding me, but that's another story). But why do humans go to all that trouble without getting food after it's over?

If they were hunting, well, at the end of that they would have something they could eat, like a mouse or a bird. That's if they're any good at hunting, of course, but I don't think there are many humans who can bring in a mouse the way a cat can.

Now Charlie is watching people run around in a big circle, and I don't see that they're chasing anything -- like that weird light that appears from time to time when I'm trying to relax. Of course I have to chase it, and one of these days I'll catch it. But those humans just go in circles. Strange.

I think I'll go nap until Charlie is done with the TV.


  1. LMAO too funny!! Don't worry Diesel Football is starting and those big men will be running into each other and Charlie will be so entranced he may drop some treats on the floor without you having to do any tricks. :)

  2. Lori, I still don't see why humans want to exert so much energy for something so pointless. Napping is so much nicer.

  3. Speaking of cat tricks, one of my Facebook friends posted a "right" way (paper over) and a "wrong" way (paper under) to put a roll of toilet paper on a roller. I commented: "We have to do it the "wrong" way. Why? Because when we do it the "right" way, the cats agree that it is very good, because they can have such a great time unrolling the TP, so we come home to a pile of TP in the bathroom. So the "wrong" way is bad for the cats (i.e., no fun!) but good for us."

  4. Diesel, my cat won't chase the little red laser light.....but my dog does. SHe will chase it all the way up the wall if I send it up there. Guess cats are smarter than dogs...but don't tell my dog I said that.

  5. Sue, the dog won't hear it from me!

    Vicki, thanks for solving the TP mystery for me. :-)

  6. Humans do the strangest things! Ours spends most of her time decorating things to drape over her body. Fur is soooo much simpler!