Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's Coming...and it's Super!

By Pepper Martin, PI to the dead and heroine of the Pepper Martin mysteries by Casey Daniels
Adventures are funny things. I live them, right? I mean, I’m the one out there dealing with the dead (they talk to me, see), figuring out what the bad guys are up to, bringing their sorry asses to justice.

And Casey? She’s the one who gets to sit in front of her computer and write about it. Write about it! Me, putting myself in danger, staring down death, figuring out who dunnit it over and over again.

The worst part? She takes months to get the story told. And then when she sends it in to Berkley Prime Crime, it takes another nine months to a year for the book to be published so the world can hear what I’ve been up to.

Finally, in less than a month, another one of my stories will be told! It’s "Supernatural Born Killers," and let me tell you, this one nearly cost me my boyfriend, my family and my life.

It’s all about a comic book convention that’s coming here to Cleveland, and the mysterious somebody who’s stealing valuable comic memorabilia, and yes, there is a Superman connection. In fact, there are two.

Superman was created here in Cleveland back in the 1930s.

And I’m always looking for a man of steel.

Check out "Supernatural Born Killers" when it hits the shelves on September 4 and you’ll hear about both!


  1. I really enjoy the Pepper Martin books...looking forward to the next adventure.

  2. And I want to learn more about that gown...

  3. I have a feeling Superman would appreciate your abilities, Pepper!

    ~ Krista

  4. Fantastic, really looking forward to this new book. Pepper's stories are getting better and better.

  5. Ah, the gown . . . I've been teasing readers who come to signings, telling them about the wedding gown, but reminding them that in Pepper's world, you never know what that might mean!